out of sorts

that’s how i’m feeling at the moment.  my sis looney had an accident at our 10 y.o. niece’s roller skating party & i’m terribly worried about her.  looney was skating with her 4 y.o. daughter when someone dimmed the lights at the rink.  my 4 y.0. niece freaked out & fell down (on her knees) which caused my sis to fall backwards.  i was right behind them & saw it all happened.  it was like a domino effect…my sis fell butt first but then she hit her head WICKED hard on the wooden floor.  i literally saw her head bounce up a foot or so!  i rushed to them & said, we’ve got to take you to the er!  my sis said she was “fine”, but i told her that it’s better to be safe than sorry & have her head checked out; it may be nothing, but that’s what you have medical insurance for>>>a head trauma, however minor, is still a head trauma!… i’ve just seen too many head-injured folks in my line of work>>>too many for my liking!  & i really didn’t want my sis to waste any time getting medical attention.  

my bil (yeh, the same one who says people who blog are losers) disagreed with me & said that since she didn’t pass out & that she was talking, that a trip to the er was not necessary!  excuse me, but one doesn’t need to be unconscious to have sustained a concussion!  my bil didn’t want to hear it from me>>>a trained healthcare professional!  & it’s my sister for GOSH DARN sakes!!!! 

this happened on saturday nite & since then i’ve been checking on my sis frequently.  she is still having headaches (RED flag!) despite taking otc meds.  I’ve gotten my other 2 sisters to check up on her as well & they have convinced her to seek medical attention.  i just spoke with looney this morning & as soon as her kids get on the school bus, she’s going to the clinic.  

i hope & pray that she checks out okay…i am so infuriated with the bil>>>he is such a FREAK (& that’s putting it wayyyyyyyy mildly!!!!  i’m so refraining here!).  even my dh told me later that he thought the bil was being unsympathetic to my sister!  my dh said he would have taken me to the er if that’s what i wanted him to do.  $&&#%!&^%$***!!!! is what i say about the bil!  

i’m going to blow off some steam & shovel the fresh snow off the front walk.  i’ll update you when i hear from my sisters.  have a good monday…i’ll try to have one too!    


11 Responses

  1. My thoughts are with you and your sis. It is VERY frustrating to watch someone we love not being supported.
    Keep us updated!


  2. Oh my! Poor Looney! I hope all checks out in the good for her! A bonk on the head should always be checked out! Bless her! I will keep her in my prayers that all is ok. Lots of love and big hugs! Nance

  3. Ouch! Oh your poor sister! I hope she’s okay-glad she’s going to see someone.

  4. I hope sis is ok. Keep us updated

  5. Oh No, and you were so looking forward to that outing. I sincerely hope that the lovely Looney is A-OK. You are a wonderful sister, Mary Ann. Don’t worry too much, hun, if Looney’s anything like you, she’ll be fine! Can you imagine a bump on the head stopping you? I can’t!! 😉

    Seriously, my thoughts are with you & Looney, and I’m sending my love to you both.

    Big Hugs ((((xXx)))

  6. Mary Ann, I hope that your sister is okay. I’d be frustrated with her husband’s lack of support as well!

    Keep us posted on how she’s doing.

  7. I hope all goes well, keep us updated.

    Your BIL needs a reality check.

  8. I’m relieved to hear that your sis is going to see someone about her bump to the head. It really doesn’t pay to take chances. I’ll hold a good thought. Keep us posted.

  9. Hey MaryAnn – I am sorry this happened. I sure hope that your sis is going to be OK – and I’m sorry you’re so upset with your BIL – it seems as if he wasn’t very supportive or caring in this situation. Keep us posted!

  10. OMG…I was thinking about our phone conversation while I was driving home from work tonight…and hoping all was OK.

    Well here I am, checking in, and I see things were NOT OK!



  11. Sounds like bil needs a bog bit of humble pie and then needs to pull his head out of his arse!!!!

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