friday’s finds & valentine update

we’re getting ready to leave & visit the fam in chi-town for the weekend… but since the dh is getting things ready for our road trip at the moment, i thought i’d hurry up & post this week’s friday’s finds before we hit the road.  i’ve been immersed with all things valentine these past few weeks & the other day after my yoga class, i went to one of my fave indie shops in my town, called one posh place. (i’ve mentioned them in a previous post)… i’ve been totally digging that place lately…whenever i walk into their shop i’m instantly inspired!  there is soooo much BEAUTIFUL stuff in there. a lot of oooh-ing & aahhh-ing going on over there, hehehe.


here are some lovelies i picked up…so romantic & lovey-dovey, aren’t they?  what looks like a heart- shaped fly swatter is acutally called a “love wand”…isn’t that too funny/cute?  they were having a sale on velvet ribbons so i picked up a couple of packets…very charming, wouldn’t you say?   

 while we’re on the subject of love & romance, i’ve been working on my little thank you goodie bags for the swap i’m hosting>>>it’s quite the job filling up some 36 bags of love stuff 🙂 …


but as my sis looney would say, it’s all a labour of love…  just like if i were hosting a dinner party or get-together… i always like to take care of details & pamper my guests. that’s how i see this whole business of hosting a swap…  it’s always so nice to be pampered by a detailed obsessed perfectionist oh-so charming hostess every once in awhile, right?


so far, i’ve gotten 12 sets of atcs (+ mine = 13)…so hopefully as the feb 1st deadline approaches, i will continue to get bunches more!  the wonderful works coming here are just amazing…there are so many talented & creative gals out there!  i am so pleased with the quality of everone’s work…you all should be very proud of what you have contributed!!!!

& on that note (plus, dh is telling me that we’re going to leave soon), i leave you with this atc i made for a customer who bought loads of stuff from my shop recently>>>


bella weekend all & see ya when we get back! xo, ma


2 Responses

  1. ok, I must participate in the next swap! I think I have finally recouped from the holidays…so I cant wait to see what you come up with next!!!!

  2. gorgeous Friday’s Finds. OOOH &AHHH.
    And how beautiful are the goodies you are preparing as the swap hostess. I too will have to keep my eyes open for the next one. YAY, Mary Ann!

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