wysiwyg wednesday

  <<<it may say it’s wednesday over here, but it actually is 6:47 pm cst TUESDAY…having some difficulty figuring out how to fix my “blog clock”…but tonight is a school nite & i reckon i won’t have time to post this week’s wysiwyg wednesday in the am…so i’ll do it now, while it’s on my mind (& i have the energy)…it’s been a busy day doing errands in town & my yoga instructor really put me & my yogamates in such a bind, literally >>>i’m really feeling it in my hips & obliques>>>she got us to do the “cow” (as one gal said, “the pretzel!”), the “updog” (i didn’t know you had to keep your legs off the ground for that one!!!) & “eagle” poses (no picnic, let me tell ya!)…

oh, before i forget, i got another set of atcs in the mail this afternoon for the osc swap, this time from anastasiac… check out hers & the other wonderful atcs in flickr here…i will hold off posting anymore atc sets until i get everyone’s & then i will post a few posts or so when i get ALL the sets (& with 30+ gals signed up for the swap, that’s A TON!)

  anyhoo, i digress… on with wysiwyg wednesday>>>                      


item #1 is a mag solely devoted to ORGANIZATION…it’s got lots of clever storage ideas…


item #2 is a scrap mag that just might be calling your name…   


item #3 is a rubber stamping magazine that i got as a trial…it’s kinda not my style…but there are still loads of ideas that one (esp. someone new to stamping) can appreciate…        


  & the title of  item #4 is pretty self-explanatory… especially nice for someone who likes things “DIY” & handcrafted…just not using this at all…so better to pass this along to someone who can find some use from it *smile*…

as you know, if there’s anything of interest to you here, pls. drop me a comment stating so.  i will take names until 10 pm cst wednesday nite & then on thursday, i will announce this week’s ww lucky winners…comprendo?  in the meantime, shanti (means, peace, in yogaspeak).



7 Responses

  1. Oh, I’d love to be considered for Item #3 or #4. Please consider me for either. 🙂

  2. Oh! Please put me down for #4! Love playing your WW! I got to get busy and start TTT up again soon! Smiles, hugs and lots of love! Nance

  3. I NEED #1 – you should see my horrible, messy art room! Yikes! It’s a wonder I finished my Valentine ATCs – which I did and are in the mail to you today!!! 🙂

  4. Oohhh, I would Love #1, I am trying to help/inspire dh to get his stuff organized before it drives me crazy.

  5. oo wonderful stuff!! put my name in please! #1 seems to be calling me, but all 4 look fun!

  6. Any of them would be great 🙂

  7. bet it’s too late, huh? if it’s not, can you put me down for #1 or #2? xoxo looney

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