you’ve got mail!

it’s so cool to get mail that are not junk or bills!!!!  i found FOUR   goodies waiting for me>>>       


this was from michel, a wicked talented & fun gal i met while visiting my dear & long-time pal, angie wangie, in st. louie last summer>>>she sent me TONS of papers, fabric scraps, a lovely magnet & ephemera>>>what an incredibly awesome SURPRISE!  thank you michel, i am touched by your kind & sweet generosity!  i am looking forward to getting together with you & angie wangie in a few weeks 🙂 !

the following THREE packages are for the swap from


 liiolii from finland…she threw in some fun stickers!  i *heart* the kissing fish one!!!  thank you katja!  {go to our flickr group here & check out all the wonderful valentine atc eye candy!!!} 


angie wangie sent me her wonderful atcs plus (you shouldn’t have!!!) $ & other bonus items…i  *heart* the “framed” couple….thank you my dear!!!!  can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!  it’ll be WICKED fun! {SMILES}


& last but certainly not least, from blog sis/co-charmed one (hehehe), lia! she too sent extra bonus stuff…i *heart* the “l” in the heart one!  it’s so ” i love lucy”ish!  thank you sooooo much lia>>>you are so a “charmed one”!

my, oh my…pictures do not do any justice to any of these fantastic works of art>>>they are INCREDIBLE in person, can i just tell you?!  oooh, & i’ve got more sets a-coming… the post man is going to be shoving all kinds of packages to me in our small mailbox in the next week of so>>> & whoa, i can hardly wait!


4 Responses

  1. wowowowzer!!!! how beautiful are each of those items and all of those atcs are great…man you’re becoming one gigantic magical factory…wish i could see all of the pretty atcs…such beauty every day…lucky you! xoxo looney

  2. I love looking at your pretty paper them so much.. I tried some yesterday….made some valentines stuff for my mom…have to send you a small package of stuff too…I got the cricet? for christmas from mark, getting to know it better and love the tags that you can cut from it…so experimenting a few things today..I will send some!

  3. Dont you just love snail mail!!
    wonderful goodies….

  4. Wow, so many beautiful creations!

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