continue to be the topic for self-portrait challenge this month.   my dh says i worry too much, both real & perceived…

things i tend to worry & cause the furrow between my brows>>> 

 my family* our cats* our bills* my artwork* the  swaps i join (or host)*my students (& their parents)* my speech therapy practice* how i’ve been slacking on my etsy shop* the lines on my face*the gray hair*disappointing others or (being disappointed by others)* meeting deadlines (real or imagined)*if i’m good enough*my less than healthy eating habits (& needing to eat more whole foods)*my yoga practice (which i need to do more of!)*not being liked or understood*comparing my “insides” to other people’s “outsides”*my pals (on & offline)*my messy house (especially my studio!!!!)*poor driving conditions (i hate driving in a snowstorm)*getting mugged (i actually was once mugged many moons ago when i lived in chicago)*when are my dh & i moving back to maine?*keeping up with my blog (& feeling bad when i don’t keep up with other blogs)*etc., etc>>>

see what i mean?  it’s NUTs & BOLTs, my incessant WORRYING…

i need to STOP that foolishness & be more like my dh, who takes it one day at a time…& remember that ol’ song>>>don’t worry, be happy.   i so need to do that more.


3 Responses

  1. I could have wrote this, I am on vacation dont even like to go on any because I worry too much, dont know if I worry more at home or work, and am realizing it is just as much….I have to cancel my few days away bec of a death in the family and because I am truly afraid of travelling alone, although I do it a lot bec of my husbands busy work….I just dont want to do it…I fear getting kidnapped, etc…just wierd and wild thoughts..>I was held up at gunpoint once also and the memories are very vivid..yesterday someone came to my door to drop off their invoices for my husband, he is an employee of his, and I did not open the door, he was mad and didnt want to leave it in the snow, but I did not know who he was…then when the PMS sets in, it is worse! beware!

  2. Hello Beautiful! I am with Pauline on the PMS bit! Everything is outta wack during that time…or should I say makes my worries worse! If you didn’t worry you wouldn’t be such a sweet, loving and caring person Mar! Try to relax and take one thing at a time! Set some time just for you! Big hugs my friend! Lurves you much! Nance

  3. Oh, sweetie. I know how you feel!

    Keep breathing.

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