been a busy lil’ beaver


making atcs out the wah-zoo (spelling?) & even got this photo box to house all the incoming atc sets from my valentine swap


i made extras in case i don’t get some of the sets in time by the feb 1st due date, which is fast approaching…  i would hate for someone to be short one or two…blog sis lia graciously made some extras too, just in case…


here’s what i’ve gotten so far….there are a bunch en route…pictures really do not do any justice for these wonderful mini- works of art>>>i am so pleased with the quality of everyone’s work so far!   


i got this BONUS surprise from raesha‘s package!  i was totally but pleasantly surprised to receive such generous extras>>>my own personal set of 4 atcs & this wicked cool heart cookie cutter (which i collect cookie cutters, btw)…i love them>>>thank you so much raesha, you are such a DEARHEART, you know that?! 

not only did i get these atcs done for my swap but also for amy’s swap…i know, i’m NUTZ & BOLTS, but i had  atcs on the brain this week, lol!  well, actually valentines on the brain ‘cuz i’m in 2 other swaps!!>>> (alright, i can see that your shaking your head at me at this point…but not too worry, i own that i brought on all this creative frenzy into my life…)

 swap-bot’s valentine day’s swap & i’m happy to report that my swap buddy’s swap goody box is already wrapped &  ready to be mailed!  so i can crossed that one off my mental list…

& the other swap i’m in is danielle’s valentine paper doll swap…i have had to put that on the back burner for some time on account of all those atcs, they took major priority…but this weekend, i’m gonna seriously kick it into high gear & crank out those paper dolls (which i have my template, papers & materials all planned out already btw)…i just gotta MAKE them, is all,  you know what i’m saying?!  ideally, i’d like to have those dolls (4 in total) done by the end of the weekend & then have them ready to mail out on monday (as the due date is jan 31st).  i haven’t pressed the panic button…YET.

i know i can, i know i can, i know i can…

if you don’t hear from me for the rest of the weekend, you’ll already know why…

so enjoy & relax…we’ve got another snowstorm brewing our way…which is fine, ‘cuz this crafty gal is going to be definitely homebound>>>sweating, cursing, freakin’, working her little tush off  in her sweatshop studio this weekend!


4 Responses

  1. My ATCs are almost ready! They will be in the mail on Monday!! So you should get them before the Feb. 1 deadline!!

    Everything you posted looks great!! I’ve struggled with mine a bit, but they are coming together! 🙂

  2. I can hardly believe all that you involve yourself in – all those swaps. WOW! I know you can. I know you can. Maybe next year for me. In meantime I’m trying to make ATC’s and postcards of my own for fun and hopefully can mail them to people so they arrive not too terribly late.
    Keep it up. Have fun.
    Huge hugs,

  3. ooooohhhhh….can’t wait to see these babies up close!! thanks for playing along!!

  4. man are you really a busy beaver! extra atcs…where and when do you have the time and energy…paleezzzzz send them over to me…i’m always sooo exhausted by 10:00 a.m. yeesh, you’re good…really good!

    love the heart atc theme…enjoy seeing all the different takes on valentines day…so UNIQUE!xoxo looney

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