friday’s finds

yesterday after school, i met up with a couple of good friends for dinner.  actually, it was an early b-day celebration for my pal, allison, who will be turning 30 in a couple weeks, but will be in florida with her dh & family on her actual b-day.  so laura (the other pal) & i wanted to take allison out for her b-day.  laura got off work later than i did, so i headed over to allison’s place & we decided to kill some time at the local goodwill thrift shop.  

i wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but usually when this happens, i almost always find something!  & yesterday’s impromtu jaunt did not fail me…these are what i found there for this week’s friday’s finds>>>


these clear glass jars which i spotted among miscellaneous dishes & containers & i scooped them up because i thought they would be just the perfect size for those jar fairies i had written about a while ago…oooh, i can’t wait to alter these glass lovelies!


this wine crate-turned- tape cassette holder was a steal at $1!  what ever am i going to use this for, you wonder?  well, this will actually hold my ink pads.  all it needs is a coat or two of white paint &… presto! perfect storage for my many pads of ink. 


now what do you suppose i’m gonna use these old computer cards for? i see visions of making tags, tag books, atcs, paper dolls>>>whatever i can think of…  oh don’t you worry, these ol’ cards will be put to good use…i can promise you that!

i just love it when i  come across things, particularly unlikely items, to use in my art projects.  don’t you?   


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  1. jeepers…you have an uncanny eye for neat stuff! i adore that wooden shelf to house your stampers…the glass vases are exquisite and the paper…wow, now you could seriously do great damage on creativity…great finds!!!!! xoxo looney

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