getting to know you: best & worst

is the topic for today’s CaC, as suggested by our muse, deb>>> 

Best and Worst

1. What’s the best place you ever lived? midcoast maine…my dh & i loved the simple & authentic lifestyle we had there…we lived there for 5 years & hope to one day go back… the worst? cheeseland, specifically, when we first relocated 3 yrs ago & we trekked all our stuff over a 4-day road trip & we ended up in a tiny townhouse with rude neighbors who lived below us!  it was a traumatic time…i try to block that out>>>let’s put it this way, i cried nearly every day for over a year!  that’s how bad it was …now we’re living in a house that my dh had helped built, which is in a wooded area outside the town that we’re in.  it’s way better than the glorified apartment that we lived in when we first stepped into cheeseland…but we so miss the OCEAN, the salt air & the trees… {HUGE SIGH}…no comparison really…

2. What’s the best place you ever visited on holiday/vacation? for my 30th birthday, i decided to drive from chicago to bar harbor, maine solo…my folks freaked out & my sisters wondered why i wasn’t having a b-day blowout…i just wanted to get away from the rat-race & be “30, flirty & thriving” (to quote a flick)…it was the best adventure ever…i came back feeling so renewed & independent!  the worst?  hmm, let’s see…well, what comes to mind, is the trip i took with my family when i was 9 & we all went to the philippines.  i was born there but i have no recollection of that place because i was a mere 2 y.o when my family immigrated to the states…all i remember was the weird language, the weird food, the incredibly hot & sticky weather, bugs, & outdoor plumbing!  we were there for a month & i just wanted to go home, play baseball with the neighbor kids & where the heck was mickey d’s?!  i have this very vivid memory of my late grandmother chopping a chicken’s head right in front of me & my siblings, when minutes before, us kids were playing what we thought were our grandma’s “pets”….ya see, my mom asked us what we wanted for lunch & we all said, fried chicken.  of course, we assumed we’d be getting food from the nearest kfc {kentucky fried chicken}…but weren’t we just horrified when grandma presented us with fried chicken that SHE had made & we all REFUSED to eat!  boy, she was ever so mad at us…she told my mom that we were “spoiled, american brats!”  but to us, we, being kids who witnessed a chicken beheaded, were totally grossed out!  so, yeah, that trip to the mother land does not bring a lot of fond memories for me…

3. What’s the best job you ever had? i think it has to be when i worked for the airlines as an assistant to an airline revenue analyst (someone who determines the fares for any given seat on any given flight)…  all i did all day long was punch #s in the computer based on what the analyst told me to do…it was a no-brainer type job & i had unlimited flight priveliges & travel discounts when i had that job.  those were wicked cool perks for someone just out of school…my dh says, why can’t i find a job like that now? >>>he would love to travel at a whim’s notice, like i had back in the day… the worst?  i think the worst job i had has to be when i first started out as a speech therapist.  i did my internship at a very busy teaching hospital in syracuse, ny & i basically worked like a DOG!  yes, i learned A TON but i was basically slave labor for the department i worked in…it was brutal, folks…but i survived & having had that experience made me the kind of therapist i am today.

4.  What’s your best talent or ability? i think being able to come up with something creative & turn it into something nice… your worst? i hate to admit this, but i don’t know how to swim!  actually it’s a phobia of mine…because of a bad experience when i was 9 (& btw, i was in the philippines)>>>i almost drowned in the hotel’s swimming pool…an older cousin thought he’d be funny & throw me in the deep end of the pool.. well, i was caught off guard & i just freaked & i do remember hitting the bottom of the pool!  that same cousin went in and saved me, but ever since then, FUH-get about it!

Bonus (so we can end on a positive note!): What’s one good thing about you that isn’t covered in the questions above, but that you’d like to share with the world?  when i was in high school, i thought i’d like to be a journalist because i love writing & literature & interviewing people & learning about them…i was involved in my high school & college newspapers as a features editor & loved coming up with human interest stories…to this day, i am intrigued by the lives of people & the extraordinary or remarkable things that they do…i love to observe & try to write about my thoughts of what i’ve seen & learned…i guess, my blog, in a way, allows me this opportunity to be the journalist i always dreamed  i’d be when i grew up.  & that’s a good thing.


3 Responses

  1. Very cool to get to know more about you! Your airline job sounds great to me! To be able to travel like that!! 🙂

  2. I HAVE to get over to CaC very soon. Thank you for sharing all of this information. It is SO cool to get to know you better. No KFC – yikes. reminds me of the Madeline movie. Interesting that you later came to enjoy travel so much.
    Have a great day Mary Ann. Thanks again for the sharing.
    Wendy XOXOXO

  3. I love reading these types of memes. Thansk for sharing, Mary Ann!

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