weekend wips & quips

hi!  back from a busy weekend visiting my in-laws & then my side of the family.  it was a whirlwind of activity, trying to fit in visiting, shopping, eating out, & more visiting in such a short span of time>>>but it was really nice spending the time  we had with the families…our weekend was cut a bit short bec. the dh & i heard that a snowstorm was heading toward our town so we left chicago sooner than we would have liked (yesterday afternoon)…we really didn’t want to be caught driving back to cheeseland in a snowstorm…

 my soon-to-be 10 y.o. neice wants me to come back in a couple of weeks for her birthday party…so hopefully the weather will behave & i will get to go to chi-town>>>she is having a roller skating party & do so love to roller skate!  ever since the local skating rink in my town closed down last spring, i have not been able to get my weekly fix. i used to go roller skating at least once a week>>>it’s such a great form of exercise & very heart healthy too!!!  

 well, lately i’ve been busy trying to get these arty WIPs completed>>> some cards for my secret stampin’ pal (it’s that local stamp group i mentioned before>>>i have to send an “anonymous” hand-stamped card to my secret pal for the next several weeks until the 1st sunday in march where i reveal my  identity to my pal)… dscn0055.jpg (card 1)dscn0052a.jpg (card 2)dscn0054.jpg (inside of card 2)

& before we left for chicago for the weekend, i made a ton of atc backgrounds for 1) my local stamp group 2) the valentine swap i’m hosting & 3) my etsy shop… dscn0063.jpg since i was making all these atcs backgrounds, i figured i’d throw in some extra valentine atcs for the swap, in case i’m short atcs…there’s quite a few international folks in the valentine swap & i’m a bit worried that i might not receive everyone’s atc sets in time by the feb 1st due date…so i’m anticipating some late entries.  i hope i’m proved wrong… but just in case, i have some extra atcs at hand…i really do want each swapee to receive at least 3 atcs…

well, we did make it home before the snowstorm…that happened around 5 pm (cst) last nite & it wasn’t as bad as they were saying on the news!  i woke up this morning to see all this fresh blanket of snow>>>it seems so odd to see snow again after being spoiled with spring-like weather>>>the last snowfall we had was back at the bginning of this past december! dscn0062.jpg (view from back deck)dscn0061.jpg mr snowman finally has snow to keep him company!  dscn0060.jpg &  this is how i’m feeling with this lovely gift from above. 

happy monday y’all & here’s to a great week!


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  1. ok, how cool are those cards?!!! it was great seeing you…sorry so short…never enough time to do everything but it was great to spend quality time with you and the fam…dust off those roller skates, crank up the funky tunes…watch out skatin’ rink…the dancing (or should i say, “rollerskating”) queen is ready to bebop and roll around! can’t wait to skate w/ya! xoxo looney tunes!

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