friday’s finds

dscn5869_033_033a.jpg it’s friday & you know what that means>>>friday’s finds!  i haven’t been offline shopping much, other than for groceries…but i forgot that i found this book, the artist way, a while back.  it was in the clearance bin for a mere 4 bucks!  it looked kinda worse for the wear, but i bought it anyway because i’ve always wanted to read this book.  i wasn’t particularly searching this book out at all.  i just happened to see it in the rubble, i mean, the clearance bin.  i haven’t started reading this book yet, but i hope to soon.  i’m looking forward to delving in…i’ve heard so many good things from blogs i’ve come across…

i still have yet to write about the last 2 chakras of the book i was collectively reading, true balance.  i’ve finished reading (& re-reading) this book ages ago.  but for some reason, i haven’t gotten around to writing my thoughts.  overall, i did enjoy the book…i guess i got consumed with the holidays…yeh, that could be it.  maybe, too, that is why i haven’t started on the artist way yet…i’ve got to close my thoughts on true balance.  it’s a kind of book that requires thoughtful reflection, i feel…& i want to write a thoughtful post…sigh…one of these days…

yesterday, i received the first amazing set of atcs from a gal from california for the swap i’m hosting…YIKES!  i’m feeling so wicked  behind!!!  & the dh wants us to go visit his dad this weekend in chicago & of course, i want to see my sisters & the kiddies…so today, i’m gonna have to kick it into high gear & get crack-a-lacking!!!  i just don’t think i will be doing much arting over the weekend…(though, luckily, i have next monday & tuesday to sequester myself in my studio!).   let the sweatshop  arting begin!!!!  happy friday & have a great weekend! xo, mary ann

2 Responses

  1. That is a find! Don’t you love it when that happens? I hope you also find (hehe) some great insight and inspiration in that book.

  2. Oh my girl I found you!!!! Got a HUGE box of goodies in the mail you sweet thang!!!!! You are so generous & kind, Im just shocked! When I give something I never imagined getting a goodie box in return, such a beautiful surprize!!! Wow Thanks so much !!!!! I will be posting all my new treasures tommorrow!!! You just totally made my day!_i may be dippin in the chocolate sauce now though!!!HEHEHEheheh

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