fake vs real

i was talking to one of my (bio) sisters the other day & she was  telling me that her dh thought her time reading blogs & managing her flickr page were wastes & that people who blog are  losers,  that they aren’t real & they need to get lives!  i took immediate offense to that because i’m a blogger (& damn proud of it!) …ALSO>>>

a) i’m not a loser,  b) i’m not a fake,  c) i do have a life, thank you very much! & d) i don’t think blogging/flickr-ing are wastes of time>>>yes, i would agree that blogging CONSUMES time; but to me, it’s not wastes of time when you are doing creative things & connecting/networking with like-minded souls.  my poor, misinformed bil>>>he HASN”T a clue about what creative blogging is about.  i really resent his narrow-minded remarks…my sis is torn bec. she loves to read blogs & go to her flickr but her dh does not want her to  get into that anymore…whatever!  i’m so grateful that my dh doesn’t feel that way about blogging.  he does, though, warn me from time to time to not entangle myself with weirdos & pyschos>>>which i tell him that he has nothing to worry about bec. i AVOID that kind of weirdness & foolishness like the plague!  like tends to find like, is what i like to say… & while it is true that many of the lovely folks whom i call my blog pals, i have not met (yet) in person. i still regard them as REAL people who do have LIVES outside of blogging>>>folks just like me who have similar hopes, dreams, passions>>>folks who all want to share their creative talents/wealth, whatever they may be.  WE ARE REAL NOT FAKE>>>that is my new mantra…  

just today, i got my latest copy of cloth, paper & scissors (i love that mag btw!) .  y’all need to grab this issue PRONTO because

    dscn0050.jpg on page 14, one of my dear blog pals, corey, wrote an article called  dscn0052.jpg the seeds of passion.  i was so happy to see that {so proud of you COREY!} & i did say to myself: i know this person!  well, figuratively that is…i’ve never met corey, but i feel like i have!  last year, we (or more accurately, our blogs) CONNECTED with one another.  & because of that,  i regard her as a dear friend…the writing & her images on her blog are so very inspiring, endearing & uplifting…one can’t help but go back for more.  & i truly believe that she’s as genuine as they come.  she’s not a fake, a loser or a freak as my bil would say.  she, like so many other blog pals i’ve crossed paths, is the REAL DEAL.  anyone of those folks you see in my blogroll are FOR REAL. 

we are REAL not fake.  remember that.  blogging is a great forum to showcase who & what we are all about. so blog on!


5 Responses

  1. My husband participates in this online baseball legue with my brothers, he has for 5 years…way before I started blogging. So he kind of had a better understanding of blogging when I started because he already spent time on the computer “managing” this pretend team so he didn’t give me too much slack about blogging. Sometimes I have to explain to him the intensity of the friendships that form.
    There are many people that don’t understand blogging. I think you bil is just threatened because time your sis spends blogging is time away from him. Plus people (men especially I think) are afraid of change. He probably doesn’t want her to change. Tell her from me to talk to him and ensure he understands that she can love him, her family , and blogging. and that a Happy Mama makes for a happier Household!


  2. It’s been a pleasure for me to meet and connect with others through their blogs. Please know that you don’t need to defend yourself to anyone. It takes a full life to make an interesting blog! This is why I am reluctant to start one. I’m afraid I’ll run out of things to talk about. You have an interesting job, a large family and a supportive husband and I’m glad you share your experiences and projects with us. Anyone who puts bloggers down just doesn’t get it. You hear me?

    Love, Michel

    P.S. Thanks for the Somerset mag — it’s great!

  3. he can have his opinion BUT the important thing is that if it makes her happy, he should support it! Blogging is a connection and a support network that is a result of the times we live in. It’s a blessing to connect with like minded souls and my blog sista’s are seriously real with real hearts, minds, and spirits! I totally know you are real and you are one of my friends. I know we will meet in person one day, but I know we have met and know each other in heart! xxooo Lia

  4. WHOA! When I think about the miracle that’s happening at Darlene’s blog about Mark I am blown away. The love and support and friendships that happen through the www. seem near astounding to me at times.
    I’m so happy to have friends like you and Suze and Nance who sometimes seem more open and caring than friends living down the street. Sigh.
    Love you beautiful, real, compassionate Mary Ann. And yes! to all hubbies who realize and try to understand what this is all about.

  5. You are genuine real and a wonderful friend to so many and we all appreciate everything about you whether we see each other face to face or not. Change is hard when you dont understand it but Im sure with time he’ll come around, and as Wendy says ~ yes! to all hubbies who realize and try to understand what this is all about.
    Love you darling girl great big hug … Jude xx

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