wysiwyg wednesday

it’s not quite wednesday, but it’s a school nite for me & i have to get up early tomorrow…so i post this week’s edition of wysiwyg wednesday  before i forget ( the time on my blog is off as it really is still tuesday, but oh well, no biggie, right?)!  also, since i had gotten some wicked cool arty books over christmas break, i thought i’d better unload some stuff that’s basically collecting dust! (pls. click on the images to enlarge)>>>

1st item up for grabs is this book me-008a.jpg called hidden treasures: cards, pockets & tags. it contains 121 creations from the stamper’s warehouse.  a really nice “how-to” book for altering cards, pockets & tags.

item #2 up for grabs is the aug/sep 2006 issue of stampers’ sampler.  i have so many issues, i thought i’d better spread the creative wealth (& not feel so guilty getting my new books!)me-006.JPG 

item #3 is nov 2005 issue of creating keepsakes, a popular scrap magme-005.JPG… & item #4 is yet another ck mag, this one is me-004.JPG the june 2006 issue.  sadly, i have not been scrapping as much as i have in the past & these poor mags really need to go to someone who will better appreciate them! 

if you’re interested in anything at all here, pls. leave me a comment stating so & i will take names until 10 pm cst tomorrow, wednesday nite.  the lucky recipients will be announced on thursday.  good luck & may the good karma shine on you!


6 Responses

  1. Hidden Treasures looks like an awesome book. Great blog!

  2. Love the new digs, I’m over on wordpress too. http://www.cornerofmyworld.com/blog I would like to enter for item 3 or 4. Thanks. 🙂

  3. It must be a bit frustrating trying to get used to a new system!! You’re doing great!! 🙂

    I’d be interested in item #1! Looks very cool!! 🙂

  4. Hi Mary Ann, the first wysiwyg of 2007, how exciting! I’m totally interested in item #1.

  5. Look how wonderful you are still giving stuff away !!!

  6. Hello sweet Mary Ann. I’d be interested in #2 or #3.
    Huge hugs.

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