let’s see if this will show up better

me-004.JPG item #4me-005.JPG item #3 me-006.JPG item #2

click on images to enlarge {sorry about the awkwardness of my posts…still trying to get used to wordpress!}


2 Responses

  1. Thank you Maryann! Dear Maryann’s BIL I am the real deal, I spend time on the internet and “blog thing,” and I have never neen happier!! I am connected to some of the most wonderful people, Mary Ann being one of them!!

    Plant those seeds!!

    Thanks for the nod, I haven’t seen the magazine yet:: so to see it here made me smile!

  2. Hmmphf BIL! I know that there are some internet freaks out there…but the people I have met through my blog and Flickr pals too are some of the most fabulous and true to their word people! I really love my blog sista’s(and sista’s meaning family because families connect and are there for each other) and the way we all connect and encourage each other is simply the best! Blogging is not a bad thing…only if you make it that way. And Mary Ann has the biggest heart and most lovely dispostiion! You can’t go wrong with a friend like that! Love you Mar! Blog On Girls! 😀 Hugs!

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