a trying day

i dreaded going back to school this morning after having been off since 12/15! how rude to be jarred awake by the @$#%& alarm clock!!! & i still was feeling crappy…the thought did cross my mind to call the school & say i was not feeling well (which was true!) but then i realized i would have to make up the missed day on one of my days off….uh, i chose to suck it up & drag my butt to the school. it wasn’t too bad until i came across this kiddo i’ll call “t”. man! he was not a happy camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he just about threw a HUGE hissy fit for a solid 10 minutes about how he was not coming with me to do therapy. i was gonna cut my losses & walk away…but the classroom teacher basically bargained with him & made him go. i’m not one to force anyone into therapy…that’s not my style…but still, i remained calm, saying nothing as he sobbed hysterically walking to my therapy room. i kept thinking, how incredibly sad to see this little guy so stressed out & how hard it was for him to transition from one activity to the next. he eventually cooled off & we had our session. even before school vacation, t almost always reacted this way when it was time to go for speech therapy…after his shrieking, he eventually settles down & we, believe it or not, end up having good sessions…i almost half expect the terrible scene each & every time i come for the little guy, but today, it really took a lot outta me to deal with him…y’know, weather out his storm…

i don’t know, but he is much too young to be so troubled…so much tension & anxiety in this young boy… yet such is the life of a child with autism>>>when it rains, it really pours! i’ve been reading up on how to recognize & diffuse/divert potential “neurological storms” (as one book called them), like remaining calm & being non-punitive are recommended strategies. makes me wonder how he functions at home? how his family deals with his meltdowns & fits? it was disheartening to learn from some teachers about his rather chaotic home life…i saw t later in the day & he was having yet another meltdown in the classroom…he just was not having a good day being back after being off for so long. thankfully my other students were more accepting to be back in school! i wasn’t feeling 100 percent today at school & having had to deal with t’s meltdown kinda drained my energy for the rest of the day>>> i was never so glad to go home when the school bell rang! i was invited to dinner by a couple of pals but i was not feeling up to much of anything…i was SPENT…i had to decline the kind invitation, which i felt bad, but i desperately wanted to go home & lie down!

wasn’t i pleasantly surprised to find these lovelies in the mail?! i had ordered these books during break & here they are…my drained spirit started to lift…
i can’t wait to devour every last page of these books, which i have been coveting for some time now…i know, it’s a huge splurge…but i work hard for these simple pleasures! ahhh, i can’t wait to get my hands on them as i soak in a hot, soothing tub. sometimes it’s necessary to unwind & feed the soul especially after a trying day. Posted by Picasa


5 Responses

  1. You are such a great person and I want to thank you for understanding this child that probably has no idea of how he is acting…. I don’t know anything about children and autsim, but I one thing that I do know is that you are a great person and I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of these kiddies even though it’s your profession. Thank you thank you thank you…..

    Now on the books I just received the Bernie Berlin atc book today in the mail and I can’t wait to really start looking at it. Which one is the book in the background that looks white? I also have the book by Sally Jean Pretty little things and that is great also. I know you will enjoy and you deserve it. I hope you start feeling better soon,

    love, angie wangie

  2. Awww, the poor kid and poor you!! Especially when you are feeling under the weather, no wonder you just wanted to take a bath and relax. It must be so challenging and yet rewarding to work with kids like that- and I am glad he had someone kind to work with him like you. : )

  3. thanks angie & karen for your kind & generous comments! sometimes the line of work i’m in is a thankless one & it’s nice to be appreciated from time to time!

    & angie, the white book is by autumn leaves, called the me book….it’s a scrapbooking-based book, but it focuses on creating journal pages about yourself…something that i’ve been wanting to do for some time…

    again, thanks for your comments… its nice to be “heard”!
    xo, mary ann

  4. I am surprised you had any energy left to write about such a day. I, too, admire you for what you do. It can break your heart to see what these children go through. Enjoy your books!

  5. I so admire you for working with autistic children. I can only imagine how challenging that must be. Eons ago, when I was in graduate school, I taught at a private school on the side and had an autistic student, Fred. I have no idea how he got put in this class – none of the other kids were autistic and he had to entirely different teaching methods, etc. Anyway, it really made me appreciate the efforts that are required when working with autistic children.

    I hope you got to savor your new books. I love those!

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