friday’s finds

after christmas, i decided i wanted to avoid the craziness at the usual big box stores (after black friday last thanksgiving, i’m still a bit shell-shocked from the red-eyed crowds). & i also wanted to search out unique holiday/seasonal items (at what else? bargain prices *smile*) to include in my winter collection. so i went to 2 local shops (one posh place>>>oooh-la-la, filled with french & romantic inspired home goods & cranberry moon, another antique-y, vintage shop)…& look! i found more of those vintage snowmen/people that i have admired from afar but now able to scoop up, thanks to after xmas sales… plus, it’s so much nicer to support small, local businesses…i really do try to support local & indie businesses when i can. i used to do more of that when i lived in maine (because the nearest big box stores/mega malls were an hour’s drive away)… ever since a colleague of mine gave me a snowman figure for christmas many moons ago, i’ve collected snowmen of all shapes, sizes & media… snowmen are just so darn convenient (& not too mention cute) for home decorating because i can set them out all winter long…not only just at christmastime. but over the past couple of years, i’ve become a bit more discriminating & now only look for vintage-inspired ones such as what i’ve found for this week’s friday’s finds. about the same time when my search for these vintage snowmen began, i gave my old snowmen collection to my mom, which she has enjoyed (as well as other family members). i have them all hanging out upstairs…& where they will stay until after valentine’s day…
i found this engagement calendar by folks called, green paper press…each page is filled with these sweet images…too wicked cute for words really…also found on sale!
then i went to my fave local antique mall, campus antiques, where i found these lovelies…i love going there bec. it never fails that i can always find dirt-cheap vintage photos & postcards>>>a real treasure tove! if you are ever in this part of cheeseland, i would be happy to take you there & you can go buck wild if you so desire, lol! there are so many neat little “stuff” that you can find in there & not go for broke either!

well, these are my finds for the week…i hope that you will show & tell either here or here. happy 4th day of christmas! Posted by Picasa

2 Responses

  1. I love those little snow children with the snow ball!!!

  2. you go girl… shop till you drop…

    lvoe angie

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