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i’ve gotten so used to blogger, even if i’m still in “old” blogger…i’ve tried countless times to switch over…but each time i was told that i can’t switch because my blog is TOO BIG! yikes! who’d thought that 561 posts in less than a year would be considered BIG?!

well, i’ve looked into wordpress & i’m thinking about closing my blogger blog & going over to wordpress…but i’m hesitant bec. i’ve got to learn all over again how to navigate through wordpress! i’m not much of a techno-savvy person so this would be HUGE for me to switch! & how do i transfer my blogroll & buttons & badges, for goodness sake?! i’m still debating this…
the thought of starting all over is not making me a happy camper. but i am tired of being told my blog is too huge to switch over…

still it may not be so bad to throw out the old & be in with the new….hmmm, we shall see.


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  1. You could always just have a link to your old blog and start a whole new one. It can still be a blogger blog and then just link to your old blog any time you want to refer to something from it. I’ve seen this lots actually. Good luck with your decision.

  2. I switched over to the beta blogger, but my blog wasn’t so big. I’ve had a little bit of adjusting, but not too bad. You should ask Deb R about switching to Word Press – she recently did so! (red shoe ramblings)

  3. Hey Mary Ann 🙂 I swapped to wordpress just over a month ago and have found it very easy to use, sometimes easier than blogger! Try setting a wordpress blog up and keeping it ‘private’ until you’re happy that you know what to do. I jumped in at the deep end, but am glad I did. All I need now is something to say! 😉
    Hope you have fun testing it out. Wishing You & Yours a very Happy New Year. All the Best for 2007! 😀
    Love & Hugs,
    Suze xXx

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