is open over at my house! my dear friend annie & i would dub any labor-intensive craftivity as our “sweatshop”…& man, was it ever over here this weekend! here are some stuff that i labored over>>>
finally got these cards done for my secret stamping pal in a local card swap i’m in…i figured since i was making one, i would go ahead a make 3 more & be done with my swap!
i knew that i would have massive amounts of mailing to do tomorrow, so i got the wysiwyg wednesday freebies all ready to be packed up & ready to go out in tomorrow’s mail!
then i made these little packets for all the lovely folks who participated in my cookie swap as a token of appreciation & thank you…
i added some little handmade somethin-somethin to those thank you packets…but i’m not showing bec. i want it to be a pleasant surprise! i know, i know, i’ve finally got around to making our holiday cards, which i hope to get in tomorrow’s mailing as well…i just hope that the clerk at the post office doesn’t roll his eyes too much as i come in with my bags of parcels & envies! i’m very afraid that there will be wicked long lines at the p.o. so i’m gonna try to get there 1st thing in the morning! yeh, it may look like i got a lot done….but heavens no, i’ve still got more wips to complete that i haven’t even begun to tell you about! uh-oh, it’s back to the sweatshop for me! Posted by Picasa


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  1. Wow ! You’ve been super productive1!

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