sweatshop break

all weekend was not entirely spent in my “sweatshop” (see post below that follows)…i heard about this new antique joint opened up, so i couldn’t resist going there (more about that in this coming week’s friday’s finds). there were so many neat holiday vignettes displayed all over this wicked huge building. i snuck this snap (i turned my flash off so as not to cause a scene)…then i went & volunteered at a the local public gardens, where they are having a winter wonderland fest (which i had taken my mom, sis & her chitlins to last weekend)…the “tree” you see in the photo collage below is actually the herb, sweet annie, stuck into the tuteur & the ornies you see in there are dried red chiles formed into stars…the “ghost”-looking things are actually supposed to be angels , which one of the herb ladies had made out of antique handkerchiefs and lavender & rosemary stuffed into the heads…
it had rained this past week & so all the snow we had a couple of weeks ago are virtually gone…but they are calling for some possible flurries tomorrow…hmmm, let’s see if this happens…anyway, they had a nice band playing christmas tunes & got the little kiddies into the singing & dancing…
i bought me some catnip toys for our kitties (which grew from the herb society’s garden & i helped harvest) as well as this plaid angel & homemade garlic jelly…yup, you read correctly! it sounds nasty, but lois, one of the herb ladies, found this recipe in an old herb book & took a chance & made a couple of batches…and you know what? it’s not bad…it’s actually quite tasty…kinda reminds me of sweet & sour sauce you get at a chinese take-out place. well, my dears, it’s getting late & i still have some wips to get done before i turn in for the night…so off i go into my “sweatshop” (aka my studio)…have a great evening & i’ll be back at some point tomorrow! Posted by Picasa


2 Responses

  1. Loved catching up with you!
    I Love the snowball cookies. My baking day is this Friday. Ethan has no school and I hope to be all done with my shopping by then.

    I met Leah (Kat) this weekend at a fair that you would have LOVED! and was thinking about all the gals I would like to meet and of course you came to mind! We will have to do some planning in January so we can meet up in the spring!

  2. hia hon,
    gee, your blog is simply filled with Christmas cheer; it is so uplifting, awesome!

    Please come on by and see my new blog sometime.


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