it’s better to give

than receive, as the old adage goes…some cookie tins that i made up for some of the folks i work with at the school…i made my all-time fave cookies, frosty snow balls…these are so quick & easy to make…& mmm, mmm good!

click on the above recipe to so you can read it better…oops, on the typo error>>>should be sifted not sissfted powdered sugar…
since the kids at school kept asking about our little visitor we had last month (rascal), i got lucky, my new resident speech therapist aide…my autistic students have taken a liking to lucky…& i’m glad bec. it was getting kinda bothersome to continually explain the whereabouts of rascal!
& these are some candy cane mice that a couple of my students made thanks to pauline of sweet memories who gave me the idea she got from martha stewart {thanks so much pauline! the kids really enjoyed making these mice!}. i like to incorporate some artsy-crafty projects in therapy with my students…there’s so much communication & fun that’s generated when we do these projects. & that’s what i aim for my students. my week at school is over & i’m officially on christmas break, yay! i have quite of few things i’ve got to complete, so until next time, have a great weekend! Posted by Picasa


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  1. THe mice came out adorable! I had so much fun making them….60 of them for my cashiers and for Kaylas school….I loved that Martha Stewart Holiday mag…fun! I usually do something crafty for the school each holiday, I will email you anything else…I loved seeing these Maryann, made my heart sing..thank you…I think of you and how gifted you are to work with the children the way you do..thank god for people like you…souls like yours make others sing….

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