some lucky gals!

happy thursday all! before i announce this week’s wysiwyg wednesday winners, i need to tell you the link for wordless wednesday, the new weekly art meme i’ve joined in on>>>go here to check it out! sometimes it’s kinda nice to post a pic without having to write anything…as they say, a picture tells a 1000 words…

anyway, onto our lucky gals>>> lisa, you lucky gal you, won item #1. yay! {i need to see pics of your scrap room girl!}
alisa seriously beat out so many gals who wanted item #2! way to go!
& last but certainly not least, jo, you scored on item #3! how lucky are you?!

i just need to hear from alisa & i will mail your ww freebies! MANY thanks to ALL the lovely ladies who played in this week’s ww!!!! i truly appreciate your participation & i’m only too happy to spread the creative wealth & the good karma! see ya next time we play wysiwyg wednesday, which will be the last wednesday of 2006 (12/27). until then, shine onPosted by Picasa


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  1. Yeah!!!! I know I have to take pictures, I’ll do that this weekend. I’ll also post some pics of my pages. Now I have a book with MORE ideas!!!! Thank you!!!!

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