is the topic for this week’s artwords & i enter this pic of a star on our christmas tree. the pic has been digitally altered to look less photography>>>it’s called “oilfy” on the special effects feature of my photo editing software. i love sitting quietly admiring the pretty, twinkly, sparkly lights of our tree…i get in a sort of meditative trance as i become mesmerized by the magic of the sparkle…

& below are some more photo montage of the past couple of days here in cheeseland…i finally got our tree trimmed out as well as our pad decked out…so glad that’s done! now we can gaze at the tree, ooooh & ahhh to our hearts’ content…
oooh yeh, the wreath i was fixin’ on making…well, i broke down & purchased a nicely made one from the same folks who sold us our tree…it does make our entryway look so festive & inviting…
i love the combo of greens, turquoise, silvers & whites…that’s the color mix in our tree this year (last year was silver & green)…ummm, i didn’t too badly as i only (oops!) broke just a hehehe couple of (or was it more like 3 or4) glass ornies…the tree still turned out nice>>>
wouldn’t you agree? Posted by Picasa


6 Responses

  1. beautiful pics….love the tree trimming ones. Gorgeous ornaments.

  2. Mary Ann,
    Your house looks fabulous!!! Your trees look better than Martha Stewart’s!!! I especially love your feather tree!

    Merry Christmas my friend!

    Love and Hugs,

    P.S.–the cookies you made me are down to the crumbs–my whole family has thoroughly enjoyed them!!!!! All gone in less than 2 days!!! lol!

  3. I love your treee and I love the way you get into every little detail of the holidays, I am sure many spirits are brighter because of you (mine is just from reading and looking at your beautiful creations!)

  4. Love your tree and star and decorations. Have fun gazing!


  5. Lovely decorations and photos Mar! Your tree is just gorgeous! xoxo Nance

  6. love the tree. I accidentally knocked some glass decorations onto the floor in a shop today..oohps !!

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