all i want for christmas

is you!
(snaps of our tree last year & of course, my dh)
i’ve been so busy both at school & getting things ready for the herb society’s holiday party & then my cookie swap with my sisters this coming saturday that i just haven’t had time to get any artwork done…plus i went & bought a tree yesterday & got busy stringing lights on it. it was a feat, since i’m short & the tree is wicked tall! (we have high ceilings in our basement home)… i didn’t have anymore steam left to put all the ornies on the tree (that’ll be tonight’s project)…so last year’s pics are gonna have to do (until i can get my act together with updated pics)…our tree this year will basically look the same as the pic above, but as soon as i get a free chance i will take snaps of the tree this year, all decked out & everything…like i’ve lamented in a previous post, there simply is not enough time in a day lately…especially this time of year!
anyway, getting back to the tree, i love the smell of pine trees…it reminds me so much of maine…even before i met my dh, i always got a “real” xmas tree & loved decorating it with lights & ornies…it has become a tradition with me & even with joe…when we lived in maine, putting up a real tree (from maine of course) was the norm there…it seemed tree farms were everywhere there…i just love how the whole house is perfumed with evergreen scent when the tree goes up. & the twinkly lights….ahhh, just adds that extra magic in the air! i’ve bought some fresh evergreen boughs that i hope (where will i find the time?!) to fashion into a wreath. a dear friend of mine back in maine used to make simple but gorgeous evergreen wreaths with exquisite bows for me…i can only hope that i can replicate something similar…well, i think i will use store-bought bows bec. i can never tie those giant size ribbons without them coming out all crinkly & lopsided…well, look at the time! i’ve got to get ready & begin my day at the school… have a magical thursday! Posted by Picasa

2 Responses

  1. love the tree and of course, dh is one handsome dude! have a sunny day!

    until next time,

  2. Handsome Santa you have Maryann!!

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