sorry about the delay

but here are the snaps i took of my scrumptious cookie swap package from my dear maine pal, susan (top 2 rows)…she made me some beautiful stuff…like this wicked cool xmas ornie (gotta love acetate!) deeelish molassess-ginger cookies & a nifty cookie recipe holder with all these fab cookie recipes from maine, my beloved home away from home>>>i * heart* it all! the third row are some pics i took of the inside & back cover of the recipe holder i made for susan (now en route to her as i type this!) & a page i did of these yumm-o lemon mini-cheesecakes, called “lemon tassies”…my mouth is watering just thinking about these, lol! welp, that’s all for now folks…i am busy getting the house ready for some holiday gatherings at our place this coming saturday & trying to get some of my WIPs done also…have a great monday & thanks for stopping by! Posted by Picasa


2 Responses

  1. Ohhhh! Lemon Tassies?!!! I want that recipe! Love, love, love the artwork too 🙂 I make Pecan with cranberry tassies every year for Thanksgiving but lemon sounds delish. Thanks again for organizing the swap.

  2. What fun!!! I don’t know why I don’t figure these things out until it’s way too late… but I like enjoying yours vicariously! 😉

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