snowy, snowy weekend

since the snowstorm last friday, i hadn’t left the house unitl today. i caught a little cold & then i do not like to go out when it’s wicked FREEZING & ICY. but i had to mail off some packages (& man, was the post office JAMMED…’tis the season) & go to the super wally-mart to get my one hr photo cd made (& this time, it actually took one hr, imagine that!)…anyway, here are some snaps from my very wintery weekend… snowstorm in progress…
the aftermath & dh finally getting to use his new snow blower…i think he actually liked blowing the snow bec. he was OUT there for FOUR hours!!!!
my dh, i think, went a little bit too far ‘cuz he made all kinds of trails for our kittie cats (i think it was his EXCUSE for playing in the snow!)…
& while the dh was outside blowing some snow, i was comfy & cozy INSIDE, trimming the house & baking some yummy spice cookies for my cookie swap partner, susan (your package got mailed today my dear & you should be getting it very soon!)…i’ve got more pics to post…be back in a jiff! Posted by Picasa

4 Responses

  1. I LOVE the photo of the mirror ball with it’s little white cap of snow. I noticed that very thing at my own house this past snow storm. But, I don’t have a camera to capture such things!! 🙂

  2. what a lovely day! my idea of a perfect one indeed! I also noticed your pinecone ornaments, I made some when I was a little girl, dipped them in a little glitter and they hang on my tree each year, they are the main theme..I love to see someone else hanging them…sounds like you are just sparkling with ideas and good times, love the pics of the guy thing too….they just love to use their toys in the snow dont they!

  3. wo look at that snow, how onderful, and all that time to bake!

  4. Your frosty pics are beautiful. The trees here in St. Lou looked like they were made of crystal the past few days. Took a while to get car doors and trunks open with the thick ice covering but as Angie says, “good exercise.”

    Your cookies look like they came out magazine-photo perfect!

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