{b & w}

black & white is the challenge for this week’s wednesday stamper…this was kinda hard for me to do as i found it hard not to use any other colors…i kept wanting to add some color here & there…but as you can see i refrained & stayed within the b & w color theme. it didn’t turn out so badly as i had thought.
and this next piece was inspired by my blog sista, lia, who has been cranking out the art with cute 1 in squares…i decided to try making some too…my goodness, who’d thunk it would be so hip to be square? Posted by Picasa


13 Responses

  1. Mary Ann…these are great and i know exactly what you mean about about it being hard not to add some color to the B&W.

  2. …and you succeeded very well! great card!

  3. These are wonderful!

  4. wonderful

  5. Really great Cards, I love the one with the Squares. 😉

  6. Wonderful

  7. great work, Mary Ann.

  8. A lovely combination

  9. Great and beautiful!Love it!!

  10. Mooie kaart is dit geworden !

  11. I would love to browse your home on the holidays…looks like everything you do is just so precious…I love reading your blog…I had to take a break and simplify..but will get back to more creative things in January when the store slows down…I love your black and white art…beautiful!

  12. Wow! These are beautiful Mar!

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