bonne chance

is what i say these two lucky gals had as they are this week’s wysiwyg wednesday winners! corey won item #1! it was meant to be my dear! yay!!! (i have your snail mail addy & will mail this out with another goody i’m making pour toi!)…
& sage won item #2>>>how lucky are you?!!! beginner’s luck, perhaps, hee-hee? CONGRATS to these lucky gals!!!! as soon as i hear from you sage, i will mail your goody to you…

AND a HUGE round of applause & THANK YOUs to all the other LOVELY gals who played (nance, loon, tammy m, tammy v, liz & michel)! i really do APPRECIATE your participation! don’t you worry>>>there is {unfortunately for me, but totally GOOD for you} MORE where these came from!!! next wysiwyg wednesday will be december 13th! {& lisa i will bop on by your blog after school today to say “hey” & catch up with you}…

may the good karma shine on you! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. hehehehehehehehehe!! Yippy skippy!! i am happy go lucky today!! Merci!!

  2. oh my oh my, thank you so much, I am honored…it is beautiful, as is all of your art! Whoopeeeee!


  3. Two very lucky gals!!! Great idea Mary Ann!


  4. yea for corey and sage!!! i know that your studio is filled to the brim with goodies…i’ll try next time…no worries here…oh tis’ the season for giving…thanks for all your cool loot!!! xoxo loon

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