glowy glam

here i am taking a break from trimming the tree. you can’t see that i’m actually on a tall ladder as the xmas tree is 9 foot tall! i literally feel TALL…& glowy all over…i took this pic for self-portrait tuesday‘s glam challenge…actually, the whole glam thing is simply not me, okay?! in fact, i hate gussy-ing up. i don’t feel like ME when i’m rouged & pancaked up, you know what i mean? i prefer, au naturel most of the time {no make-up, that is}. thank goodness this glam business is over because i really did not enjoy this challenge {can you tell?} >>>december’s challenge is redahhh, now that’s more like it. i can live with that, no problemo. Posted by Picasa


8 Responses

  1. You look beautiful! I had fun with this challenge, but RED is a great idea. I was thinking about taking a break from SPC in December, but now I want to participate! We will see if I have the time.

  2. You are a beautiful girl MaryAnn…

    love angie wangie…

    Your blog is AWESOME girlie…

  3. love how the light from the tree glows and makes you radiate…you’re simply beautiful-inside and out!!! xoxo looney

  4. Hi beautiful lady! You look fabulous just being you darlin! xoxo

  5. Who needs makeup? (Okay, I do)
    You are simply lovely!

  6. You look like a glowing tree ornament… beautiful!

  7. Totally glam! You look great!

  8. I love the way the white lights sparkle through your pretty maryanne! I love decorating the tree and I am doing mine this weekend, my ceilings arent as high..I have a rustic antique looking house I think on the inside…not a lot of light, so I cant wait for the tree to go up…I have enjoyed reading your blog, although I have not posted much lately, I am trying to do one a week! Still thinking of your mom too..hope she is well…

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