art everyday, day 28

i’ve been working like a fiend to get my cookie swap packages DONE…i’m nearly there…just gotta bake some cookies for one of my swap buddies (the other podner’s not getting any cookies ‘cuz of her country’s rather strict customs about homemade food goods)… i’ve made my batter & i’m gonna take a break before i bake those cookies, okay?! but before i do that, here are some cards i made for my cookie swap pals (which i submit for katspaws’ AEM challenge, day 28>>>whoa, the month’s almost over!)>>> this is for her>>>she told me she loves purple, eclectic & whimsical things…& OMG, i just received her most yummy swap package in the mail yesterday>>>bec. of camera probs, i will post pics of all the goodies she sent me later>>>but wow, i’m so thrilled! thanks SUSAN!!!!
i *heart* everything you made/sent! & this is for her>>>she was one of those wicked EARLY birds who sent me my cookie swap goodies a couple of months ago!!!!!!!!!!! since i used a primary color scheme for her recipe holder, i thought i’d do the same for her xmas card. also, since she lives in australia, where it is SUMMER at the moment, i found that very appropriate birdie sticker…
just a peek of one of the recipes i put in for susan…i die cut a mini file folder & attached my recipe for these wickedly decadent cookies…
what it looks like when you pull the card out…spiffy nifty, right? at the moment, i’m a very tired little beaver…gotta get some shut eye & then back to the kitchen & bake those cookies. happy tuesday! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. too cute for words!!! but i’ve got to say you work so well under pressure, huh??? i’m almost done with my special cookie swap buddy’s book…it’s not as grand as yours just simple but from my heart…hope she likes it…xoxo looney

  2. My goodness girl! I can’t keep up with you lol…you have done so much lovely work and even went out to play! I vote for more hours in the day hehe…I cant imagine all the things that you would create! Busy girl you are! My partner already got her cookie recipe I made for her…wish I would of had time to take a few pics but just getting the card done took me soooooo long lol…she is sending hers off to me and added some of the cookies she baked and took pics of the process…My word! Where do you all find the time?! LOL My best to you darlin! xoxo

  3. yay! i love the cards, they’re so sweet!

    and i’m with you on the whole glam thing, i prefer au natural as well. 🙂

  4. I want to participate next year! I just couldnt this year, had to take some time off to focus on some things with the fam…I love the idea of this ever so artsy cookie swap..I knew you could bring something to this swap that I have never seen before! wonderful!

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