art everyday, day 27

after a morning running errands, i am finally getting some blogging time in…but a quick one ‘cuz i’ve got dinner to make & also finish with the holiday decorating upstairs (i want to surpise my mom for when she comes back this thursday * smile*) i just mailed off a couple of etsy orders (thanks lia & m.c.! you should be getting them sometime this week) & i also mailed off my holiday swap goody package to my swap buddy, inga of sknittymama. the above is an altered envie that i made for her (which i submit for katspaws’ AEM challenge, day 27), which is filled with a cookie recipe (my all-time fave xmas cookie, frosty snowballs), a little handwritten note from moi & a super easy stocking how-to from an old martha stewart holiday book i have. the handmade stocking directions called for buttons, so i gave inga some from my stash to get her started. oh, & that greeting card garland i made the other day…well, i thought it needed some stars, so i poked teeny-tiny holes & hung a glittery star on each circle…thought that would add more *bling*. i’ve got one more thing to post before i get back into the kitchen…never ending things to do around here! Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. ok, i knew you’d excel!!! thanks so much for participating in storme’s handmade swap…everything your special buddy will be getting is fantastically gorgeous and is she going to be one happy camper!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow! i absolutely loooooooooooove the “joy” banner (anymore where that came from-hint, hint…???), the cute cookie recipe, the vintage button stash and the beautiful old vintage santa envie…wowowowow…you simply amaze me! xoxo looney

  2. ps don’t forget to submit more of your great swap photos to storme’s flickr page…xoxo loon

  3. I love your garlands, I have been making them since Kaylas birthday…and wanted to make some out of old cards, I bought a circle punch and was going to do the glitter thing around the edges..martha stewart holiday mag…I havent found the time yet, but plan on it! I love your colors that you work with, so sweet, reminds me of a little girl in a candy store….back years ago when you could walk in and get something for a pennny….just brings some sweetness to me when I read your blog….

  4. Mary Ann, I just opened my wonderful package. Everything is so lovely! Especially the “joy” banner!! I’ll be hanging it in a place of honor. . . I can’t wait to try the cookie recipe, sounds delicious, and make the button stocking. I’m really excited for you to get your package, too, as there are some funny parallels. I’ll post pics as soon as I can get a free moment! Inga

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