art everyday {day 24}

hope you had a nice turkey day! my sis gail & her 2 chitlins are here & my niece woke me up ‘cuz my sis has this insane idea to start the holiday shopping! i’m very afraid, lol!!!!! last year, my sis did this & it was NUTS! anyhoo, i’m hurrying here to post my AEM challenge for the day. it’s just a simple winter card. yesterday, i was working on my 2nd recipe holder for my cookie swap buds, but i’m not finished with it yet…maybe if i’m not too traumatized, i mean, tired later, i will finish it & post it for y’all to get a sneak peak… Posted by Picasa


2 Responses

  1. oh soooo cute! man are you up already…you’re nuts & boltz for gettin’ up early for BLACK FRIDAY…have fun shoppin’ and fightin’ those crowds…xoxo looney

  2. What a gread (that’s a combination of great and grand that I’m just going to leave there) idea for a holiday card! You are brave if you are shopping on Black Friday…I do mine via internet. Saves my sanity even if it costs a tad more.

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