art everyday {day 17}

still haven’t a clue why my digi-cam won’t import my pics…sorry about this poor scan job, but it’s what i gots working at the moment! these are some tags i made as a *bonus* goody for one very special customer, who recently bought some stuff from my shop. i hope she likes them as much as i had making them with her in mind! & these are my contribution for katspaws’ AEM challenge, day 17.

i hope that i haven’t broken my digi-cam…i really don’t want to have to go out & buy another one! so please bear with me folks while i have someone look at my cam & hopefully {with fingers crossed} be able to figure out what’s wrong with it! Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. me special!!!!!! Im so excited I just fell in love with them when I saw what you’d made. I cant wait to see them for real. Loads of love and hugs Jude xxxxx

  2. I know about camera woes. I hope yours is ok. Love your tags. I have never used the few I made. Maybe I will try again for the holidays.


  3. I love these! Your special customer is lucky indeed

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