how lucky are you?!

thanks to all the lovely gals who played this week’s wysiwyg wednesday! your participation was really appreciated! & without further ado, the lucky recipients this week ARE>>> wendy of windy angel won the pool for item #1>>>yay, wendy!!!!! i still have your snail mail addy wendy>>>so glad that this will go to a good home…
rhonda of whimsical one won item #2>>>hooray, rhonda! how much fun you will have! (oh, i know yours too!) {blogless, lol} lisa won the toss-up for item #3>>>yay, lisa! {ahem, still waiting on your blog girl, lol!}…& i also know your addy!
>>>this was a TOUGHIE>>>but lainie of scrap happy done beat out my sis looney on item #4 {sorry loon! but not too worry, i’ve got you covered when you & the chitlins’ come visit next week!}….woo-hoo, lainie!!!! at your convenience, drop me an email with your snail mail addy>>>thanks bunches!

CONGRATS to all the lucky ww winners this week!!! it makes my heart glad to know that y’all want to spread the good karma around>>> shine onPosted by Picasa


5 Responses

  1. I missed this goodie giveaway..was sick on the couch all day grumbling and whinning lol Congrats to all who won the wonderful giveaways! Loves ya and hugs!

  2. Thanks again Mary Ann! We are all blessed by your generous spirit! Congrats to the other winners as well!

  3. Yeah Thank you!!! Oh btw I do have a blog. IT’s, it’s not a scrapbooking blog, but it is a blog. I think I will start a scrapbooking one once I get my stuff all togther. Man I love goodies!!!! Thanks again.

  4. yea for all the winners!!! i love playin the game, it’s all good here…but man, oh man, i can’t wait to see you next week and you could teach me some new tricks!!! xoxo looney

  5. Mary Ann, I am ashamed to admit that a few weeks ago you sent me a package of your free goodies (a scrapbook magazine and a pretty magnetic paper pad) and I forgot to thank you for that.

    THANK YOU for sharing your fun goodies with me! I do appreciate it.

    I wish we lived closer so I could scrapbook with you. I think you could teach me a lot! 🙂

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