last day

tomorrow rascal will be going back to st. louie. i wanted to send back a couple of postcards from cheeseland for him to show his 3rd grade class, but would you believe that i searched high & low all over town & there were NO postcards to be had? i thought for sure i’d find some at the cracker barrel, but NADA. oh well, not to worry, i’m putting together a little scapbook for him to take home of all his adventures, hee hee…i took rascal to the crackerbox palace as they were having their last make & take days {at the “green house”} for the year. rascal helped me make a couple of cards. on the way home, we spotted a black cow & his llama pal just hanging out. rascal got a kick out of seeing these rather large creatures. we finally got home & rascal helped pick out some recipes for the upcoming herb society holiday party, which will be held at our house next month. wow…it’s been a busy week. i hope that rascal had a wicked good time visiting cheeseland. i know that joe & i enjoyed having him around! something tells me that i will be having rascal withdrawals, lol! Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. awwwww! i swear, rascal, is one lucky pup travelling around town with you! it was fun reading and seeing rascal’s adventures…and i’m going to really miss what rascal’s next day would be like…he will be truly missed…sniffle, sniff…rascal, please have a safe flight or drive or??? xoxo looney

  2. That is one well travelled doggy. He is lucky to have such gracious hosts. I’ll have to visit him here in St. Louis and ask him how he liked Wisconsin

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