something was lacking from rascal’s red scarf i had made him the other day. i thought it should have his monogram, so i stitched one on…
he’ll be heading back on tuesday & he couldn’t very well leave cheeseland without any cheese, now could he?
so i made him is very own cheesehead hat!
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5 Responses

  1. Too adorable!!!!!

  2. ok, how lucky is/was rascal?!!! so cute that you made him a personalized scarf and a perfect cheese hat…those little missourians are sure going to love rascal’s travel aventures and souvenirs! you’re such a perfect hostess w/the mostest! xoxo looney

  3. I agree with your sista…… Thanks so much for your hospitality………

    love, angie wangie

    He is not going to want to come home this week….

  4. I keep trying to post and it is not working!!!
    Blogger drives me crazy.

    Rascal looks happy and loved! You are a great host!

  5. SO, so sweet. Bravo!

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