art everyday {day 12}

happy, sunny sunday! i’ve been tinkering in my studio this bright, beautiful morning & this is an atc i’ve made for katspaws’ AEM, day 12. at first glance it looks like your standard atc…but wait>>>there is a surprise! pull ribbon…

et voila! a mini holiday collage with its built- in stand…
i think i might throw this one up for sale in my shop…do you think it will do well? Posted by Picasa

5 Responses

  1. how ingenious is this? your everyday creations just get better and better as the days pass…wow! please add to your shoppe! xoxo looney

  2. Absolutely brilliant, Mary Ann! What a very clever idea. I’m sure you’ll sell these, no problem. The problem will be making enough of them! Wonderful work! 🙂

  3. so cool!!! this is great!

    i’m also loving the monogram you did for the pup. 🙂

  4. I love multi-functional, multi-layer anything, but this is amazing! I think this beautiful gift in a card will sell well.

  5. oh sweetheart its beautiful you are so clever I love the colours you’ve made it in aswell. Hope youre doing well in your shop & Im sure this will sell no problem 🙂 Jude xxx

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