what a difference

a day makes! just the other day mary ann & i {rascal} were enjoying summer-like temperatures & then, wham-O! the BIG chill occurs. yesterday, it was dark & gloomy & so very chilly that i nearly froze my little hiney off! that mailbox of mary ann & joe’s sure is COLD. mary ann had to go to some craft store bec. she had something that was like gold>>>uh yes, a coupon for 50% off… let me tell ya, it was FREEZING here in cheeseland. mary ann tried to keep me warm {or was it vice versa?}…her hubby joe was so friendly & those creatures with whiskers weren’t too bad either. but geez, they had a whole tribe of them! it had been raining all morning & then by mid-afternoon, the rain turned into snow…i just had to investigate, since mary ann & joe were making such a big fuss about it…yup, the white stuff was coming down. i wonder if it will be there tomorrow, i so hate getting my paws all wet & shivery. mary ann wanted some company in her studio so i thought i give her a hand…boy, she sure does have a lot of junk…but she seemed happy. watching mary ann work in her studio sure made me tired…so i took a nap. the eye pillow smelled so nice, like lavender or something like that…it made me fall right into puppy dreamland. then mary ann snuggled up beside me…ahhh, so nice to be a welcomed houseguest. Posted by Picasa


2 Responses

  1. How sweet! Rascal your definately getting spoiled at Mar and Joes! But the stories you will tell! 🙂 Psst tell Mar to send some of that snow this way! hehe

  2. toooo hilarious!!!!!!! wow, who would have thunk that lil’ rascal is so computer savvy? love your lil’ tale, rascal…will miss your adventures with reya & joe but will be having my own tales to tell with reya and our soon to be galavanting trek!

    the pic w/big joe, the eye pad and your napping pics are too precious! what a fantastic hostess you are! xoxo looney

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