lil’ rascal

i forgot my digi cam yesterday when rascal & i took off for school. but no biggie>>>we still had a busy day & i had a plan “b”… i had some of my students draw pictures & “thank you” notes to rascal’s home school in st. louie. i told the kids that rascal’s visit is almost over & he’ll be going back home soon…to missouri?!, exclaimed one student. yes, to missouri, i said. awwwww! why can’t he stay & live with us?!!, many of them said. his friends & home are in st. louis & he has to go back there. at least you all got a chance to meet & have fun with rascal, i explained. okay, but we will miss him!!!! they sniffed. the above are examples of some of the things going back with rascal…his week’s stay with us will be over next tuesday & i don’t go back to the school until next wednesday…so that is why i had the kids draw & write during their therapy sessions… it was amazing for me to see how much communication & love emerged just by the mere presence of rascal! it was wonderful to witness this in my autistic students. so angie wangie, it is i who owes you BIGtime! who knew that a little stuffed animal would bring such large rewards? Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. Awww how sweet! Happy tears here! Those are the most rewarding gifts! Such angels you have been blessed with my dear!
    Nance xoxo

  2. Mary Ann, LOVE TO YOU…. I am so happy ….

    I think RASCAL can come home now he has done his GOOD DEEDS….



  3. what a great week…you & rascal seem to be a great pair! how adorable is tanner’s note and pic of rascal…too precious. who would have thunk that a lil’ rascal would have brought so much love to so many hearts…great project! hope rascal has a safe flight back home/or ground delivery (hee, hee)xoxo looney

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