rascal goes to school

yesterday was like summer>>>70 degrees! rascal & i went to the school where i’ve been contracted to work 2 days a week…he was so impressed with the brand new school, but wondered why it was in the middle of dead cornfields. he’d never seen so much dead cornfields before. i told rascal that that’s what the farmers do at the end of harvest season in this part of the country. he thought the speech therapy room was a cozy size for him, but wondered if my students & i liked being in a small space? i told rascal that the school ran out of regular sized classrooms & the only place that they could fit the speech room was in one of their storage rooms! oh well, rascal had fun meeting some of my students. some of them were ever so delighted to meet rascal…they talked & played with rascal. they were impressed that rascal came all the way from st. louis. one student proclaimed, you mean st. louis, missouri?! i laughed & said, yes, it was true! the kids were thrilled that they would see rascal again (today). rascal & i did lunch, then after school, we headed off to the post office to mail lia’s ornament that she had won from my blog & then zoomed over to hobby lobby, to drool over the fabulous crafty items there. rascal had a busy day & he will be again today ‘cuz we’re both headed off to school this morning. check back with us later to see what we’ve been up to today. Posted by Picasa


4 Responses

  1. How cool! Glad your students were excited to see and meet Rascal! xoxo

  2. I owe you big time Mary Ann… I am so glad I picked you for Rascal to visit….. You are AWESOME….

    love ya,

    Angie Wangie

  3. what a nice day you and rascal had…i heart the pic with the lil’ one holding rascal on his shoulder-precious! hope you and rascal have a very nice evening together!!! xoxo looney

  4. LoL! What a busy day, poor Rascal must be exhausted! Have another great day today! 🙂

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