art everday {day 7}

i took this plain papier mache box & decoupaged the heck out of it (lol) for day 7 of kat’s AEM.

the little girl image is courtesy of my st. louie friend, michel {thanks michel!! i found your collage sheet you had so graciously given me & i just had to use this lil girlie}…the silver flecks are just glitter. i used foam to raise the butterfly wings, you know, for that 3-d effect. the text are actually stickers from k & co (i think) that i cut up. all in all, it turned out pretty cute if i do say so myself (is it bad or conceited to “toot” my own horn on occasion?)…i dunno, i just enjoy & love what my little two paws can make.Posted by Picasa


5 Responses

  1. You should do a lot more ‘tooting’ of that horn of yours, Mary Ann! You are so creative, it hurts! Brilliant! 🙂


  2. oh my goodness! You are on a roll…Joe better not sit still to long hehe he might end up with decoupage glue and paper bits on him! lol Love what your doing keep it up! 😀

  3. I knew that little girl immediately but wondered where you found her. I almost forgot about that sheet of images. Glad to see you have given her a home on this lovely box. Aren’t these fun to make?
    I had a great time that weekend last August. Hope you come back soon. Love, Michel

  4. tooting your horn isn’t a bad thing at all!!! great work on this box, it’s great!

  5. how pretty is that?!!! of course you should be proud of your accomplishments…i know i am and your soooo talented-why not “toot” a bit…it’s good for the soul!!!!!xoxo looney

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