the lucky gal

who gets this sweet matchbox ornament is ……………………….{drumroll, please}
congratulations lia!! my dh pulled your name out of all the names i received… many thanks to all the wonderful gals who played! as soon as i hear from you lia, i will happily pop your lovely “girl” in the mail {smiles}…

happy monday mes amies! {p.s., to those who i may know their snail mail addies>>> you just never know what might turn up (i.e., something just as lovely ) in your mailbox, heeheehee>>>the holidays are just around the corner, you see *wink*xo mary ann}Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! I KNEW YOU HAD A GOOD DH LIKE I Do!!! LOL!! lucky me for getting picked! oh, what a suprise this monday morning!!! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEE…….I’M JUST A little EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE. HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!! XXOO lia

  2. Oh how cool! Glad I missed this giveaway! This piece is so Lia! It matches her beautiful studio! Congrats Lia! 😀

  3. yay for lia!!! don’t ya just love when you can find things to make your studio happier and prettier??? boo-hoo for moi…but that’s ok, maybe this has inspired me to try to make this adorable lil ornament myself ORRRR when we see each other in 2 weeks… hee-hee…thanks for the great tutorial, reya! xoxo looney

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