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i was amazed that people wanted to know how i made those matchbox ornaments a few posts ago {like angie wangie, looney, lia to name a few}…so i thought i’d share how i did them. (click on pic to enlarge)
the above pic shows the materials i used for this matchbox ornament project. except, i just realized that i forgot to put my tiny small gold brads (i used square ones, but any shape would do, like circles, stars or hearts) & my ever handy-dandy gluestick.

now, just fyi, the vintage girl image i used came from a book called, christmas: artwork for scrapbooks & fabric- transfer crafts, by nancy rosin (sterling publishing, 2005). the vintage images in this book are “copyright- free” for PERSONAL art projects but not for COMMERCIAL use >>> that’s strictly prohibited according to the book.

oh yes, make sure you have some baby wipes &/or paper towels on hand,’ll be messy (trust me)…1. select your vintage girl image (or whatever figure you wish). just make sure it is more than 4 inches wide/long because you want to cover the front of the matchbox (that’s 2 inches wide by roughly 2.5 inches long). it is okay if the image is a little bit wider than 2 inches. you can either scan the image or like what i did, made a color copy from office max. 2. cut out your image, separating torso & head as in above pic. 3. take your head image & cut tiny fringes all around head. once you’ve done that, get yourself approx. 1/4 inch wooden bead or ball & apply glue on ball, then affix head. the fringe cuts will allow you to mold the head onto the round ball. (note: there might be some wrinkles, you can carefully smooth out by readjusting paper head, but do so carefully as the paper will be saturated with the glue & may tear). 4. take a piece of white fuzzy fiber/yarn & glue above the dollface’s hairline>>>this will be the doll’s fuzzy hat). 5. this step is optional>>>you can leave the back of the doll’s head bare OR you can cover up by gluing tissue paper on the bare spots. then after that, you can hot glue tiny white buttons over the tissue papered part of head. 6. set finished doll head aside.
7. now, with the torso image, you want to glue it on cardstock. actually i’ve used a thank you card bec. i liked the pattern on the card’s front. 8. cut glued on torso from cardstock. 9. i’ve used a coordinating card (invite card is what i’ve used here) & cut approximately 3 inches of the patterned part of the card>>>this will be used for the skirt. 10. take your matchbox & separate the cover from it’s tiny drawer. 11. for the cover, you want to cut approximately 2 inch wide strip of patterned cardstock. 12. affix glue on the matchbox cover & wrap cardstock strip all around the entire cover as depicted above. 13. now take your patterned 3 inch wide strip of coordinating cardstock (cut from step 9) & glue top edge of cardstock to the underside of torso (as shown above, second to last pic). 14. affix torso/skirt onto the front of {covered} matchbox (last pic).
15. i’ve made my own leg template, which was drawn freehand. you can do the same or you can cut out “legs” of your choice from magazines or vintage photos you might have. anyway, i’ve traced my leg template twice, one facing left & the other facing right as in the above pic (1st pic on left, top row) & then i cut these out. 16. next i took my tiny hole puncher (i think 1/16th hole puncher) & punched two tiny holes on the bottom hem of skirt about an inch or so apart. 17. then i took each leg & punched a tiny hole (again using the 1/16th hole puncher) at the top. 18. next i took a tiny brad & attached the leg underneath the skirt>>>do the same with the other leg. 19. take a coordinating paper (not cardstock)>>>it could be colored copy paper or wrapping paper>>>& cover the drawer part of the matchbox. 20. use a slightly larger hole puncher (i think i used my 1/8th one) & punch one hole at the top on either side of the drawer. this is where you will run a piece of thin ribbon for the handle. 21. slip a piece of thin contrasting ribbon (the piece i used measured approx. 6.5 in) through each hole from the OUTSIDE. knot the ends 3-4 times. 22. now the “bottom” of the drawer needs to be covered with something. i’ve used a miniature xmas scene from a vintage sheet by heartwarming vintage cuts (these are copyrighted as well) . in the christmas collage book described above, there are several mini-xmas scenes to choose from as well. cut the mini-scene out & glue onto the drawer’s bottom. 23. embellish mini-scene with sequins, glitter, teeny tiny ephemera items however you wish. 24. now hot glue doll’s head onto the top of the drawer as in above pic. 25. embellish the doll’s clothes however you like, et voila! you’ve made your first matchbox ornament doll! yay!

i hope this little tutorial was helpful…if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. in the meantime, try this & have a wicked fun time! Posted by Picasa


5 Responses

  1. you totally rock to the max sista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE this tutorial. Will pass along the link. smootches to you! you are a doll!

  2. oh my golly…what a fantastic tutorial! thank you sooooo much for sharing your knowledge, wealth and your passion for making art with me (us)…how intricate yet beautiful are these match box ornaments…so imaginative and unique! your a great teacher! xoxo looney

  3. oops, i meant “YOU’RE a great teacher!” fingers were too fast…xoxo loon

  4. Thank you for taking the time and energy to post this!! How very thoughtful of you and generous!

  5. Holy Schmoly! This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I will try this one day! 🙂 Hugs and Love!

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