wysiwyg wednesday

it’s late & not wednesday yet, but i thought i’d go ahead post this week’s edition of wysiwyg wednesday before i go down for the count…to review the rules, go here.

the one & only item up for grabs this week is the wicked huge scrapbooking tip book you’ll ever want to own! it is rather HEFTY, so i can only imagine what postage is gonna cost me on this {ahem, that’s why i’m only doing one item this time around…i’ve got a few other packages to mail out this week & you know how it is…things start to ADD up!}…

anyhoo, if you are interested in this nifty book, pls. drop me a line stating so. i will take names until 10 pm tomorrow wednesday night (11/1/06>>>sheesh, it’s november already!!!!). since project runway is done {& btw, i’m actually glad that jeffrey won as he was the most innovative designer among the 4, i digress}, my new wednesday must-see tv, believe it or not, is laguna beach…why i find this teen soap opera of rich & spoiled brats so intriguing i’ll never know!…oh well, it fills a void i suppose…oh yes, back to business at hand>>> on thursday, 11/2, i will announce this week’s ww’s lucky recipient.

speaking of november, tomorrow i will begin my challenge to do kats paws’ art everday (AEM). i’m looking forward to beginning this journey {smile}…until then, good luck & happy {almost} wednesday! Posted by Picasa


3 Responses

  1. Hi!!! You can put me down for this please. I went and got my sidekick, and now I have my letter punches, so I’m ready to start scrapping. Now I just need ideas. LOL

  2. Sign me up. And I am so going to steal this idea, if you don’t mind? I have TONS of crafting stuff I don’t need.

  3. would love to learn more techniques, so put me down too! xoxo looney (ps african kelli…the more the merrier to share your wealth with others…how cool is that?)

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