today, besides being HALLOWEEN, is the last day of self-portrait challange’s theme, imperfection. november’s theme will be glam & that is gonna be a real CHALLENGE for me because i don’t wear make-up, apart from my tinted lip balm (terra tints) and eyebrow pencil. getting all dolled up is not what i typically do these days… i mean i used to wear the stuff when i was in my teens & 20s, but as the years have gone by & after i met my dh {who says i don’t need makeup bec. i’m beautiful without it}, i’ve pretty much ditched my cosmetic bag! much to the chagrin to my middle sister, who is a total fashionista.

i guess i could use a bit of concealer, light foundation, blush, eyeshadow & mascara>>>we’ll see…i know i can look more polished & sophisticated if i put a little bit more effort…but at the moment, while it’s still october, i remain frightfully imperfect. Posted by Picasa

7 Responses

  1. You look lovely! 🙂

  2. YOU are beautiful inside and out and Happy BOO day to you to.

    Love angie wangie

  3. I agree with Angelica ~ you’re beautiful inside and out. the only makeup I typically wear, if you can call it that is lip gloss. Mascara ~ wouldn’t have a clue.

  4. you look beautiful to me!

    i’m not a make-up person either, much to my mother’s dismay. but sometimes i love me some mascara, except that i always rub my eyes and get it all over the place. guess that’s why i rarely where that either! ah well.

  5. I tried wearing makeup for a while because I thought I “should”… I only wore a bit of mascara, eyeliner and sometimes color… But, then I met Mike, who told me I looked better without!

    I took him at his word! 🙂

  6. You are beautiful with or without make up.

    I am not excited about glamming it up. I do wear some make up, but very little. maybe next week I will have some fun with it. We’ll see…

  7. I agree! Your beautiful inside and out! Why hide those beautiful eyes and face behind makeup! 😀 I don’t wear makeup anymore…It is more of a hassle than anything…if I do go out..I might put some concealer on my dark circles under my eyes…although getting gussied up just once might be fun…just dont ask me to wear a dress LOL

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