my dear blogging pal andria tagged me, which i am happy to oblige, lol! it has to do with spilling your guts about weirdness…this mission, if you choose to accept it, is to list nine weird things about yourself and then tag nine more people to do the same, so watch out, you might be next. drum roll please…

1. my dh & i live in a rather big house>>>just the two of us rattling around this place. & when my family (i.e., parents, siblings, neices & nephews, in-laws) aren’t visiting, i get easily spooked in this big ol’ house. it doesn’t help that my dh likes to hide in a dark corner & jump out & scare the living bejeezus outta me!!!!! & when joe (the dh) is at work & i’m at home all by my lonesome, i must have either the tv or radio blasting so that i can pretend that i am not alone. i know, i hate to be alone, especially here, as we live in a sparsely populated subdivision in the woods…sometimes my imagination gets the better of me!

2. some people might find this weird that we have 5 cats (at one time, we used to have 6!) & we treat them like family…not exactly like children, but as family. they are so loyal & loving to us & we do think about their welfare & well-being, especially when dh & i have to go on an extended trip somewhere. we hate to leave the cats for too long…we really believe that they do miss us as much as we miss them! & yes, we get a “babysitter” (or is it catsitter?) when we go on long trips (more than a weekend).

3. while we are on the subject of cats, here’s another cat tale>>>when one of our cats was MIA, two weeks before our wedding in 2002, dh & i were in such a depressed state. we had searched high & low for that cat & our worst fear that he was either hit by a car or worser yet, eaten by something in the woods, consumed us. joe & i actually had a little memorial for the cat in my cutting garden. i even made a small stone marker for him! & we really did mourn for this cat {i know, this sounds crazy, but true!)…& then wouldn’t you know that days before our wedding, in comes our cat, all anorexic & filthy…he was alive! we thought him dead & here he came through the back kitchen door.

4. i am repulsed by lady bugs/japanese beetles! i never used to have a problem with them until a few years back, when our entire back wall of one of our rooms was literally covered with these suckers! my skin gets all goose-pimply just thinking about them! they are so incredibly disgusting! i cannot stand the sight of them covering the wall! i absolutely insist that the dh vacuum them up & toss them outside!!!! i cannot even look at a picture of a ladybug without hyperventilating!

5. i don’t do well either with other’s bodily fluids, such as sputum, blood, urine/fecal {yuck!} or emesis (i.e., barf)! i used to work in a hospital & would be invariably confronted by one or all of the above! i almost always call for a nurse or tech stat…it makes me sick just thinking about it! one time, i recall vividly when i had to assist an elderly outpatient {female} to the bathroom. she had to do #2, & she was paralyzed on the right side of her body >>> i will spare you the gory details>>>>trust me when i say it was not pretty folks!

6. as much as i love the ocean, i have a phobia about swimming. actually, i don’t know how to! i’ve tried to get over my fear when i was in grad school, but i just could not bring myself to putting my face in the water & expected to breath & open my eyes! i’d rather wear protective gear {life vest} when i go out in joe’s fishing boat. my dh has for years tried to get me to learn…but i won’t do it. i’m terrified to death of drowning (i know, illiogical on my part).

7. whenever i’ve had a long day at work or something, i beg my dh to rub my feet. for some weird reason, i almost always so relaxed & fall right to sleep. sometimes i return the favor & rub his feet, that is if i haven’t already dropped off to sleep!

8. my dh & i have an odd pet name for one another>>>cous-cous or its variant, cou-cou. it’s a long story that involves my father demanding rice at a fancy restaurant instead of the cous cous that was on the menu {i assure you it was embarrasing!}… anyhoo, ever since i told joe about that “little” scene many years ago where my father threw a hissy, joe & i have called each other cous-cous or cou-cou. my neices & nephews will sometimes ask how uncle cou-cou is doing! & we’re so used to calling each other that, that when we are out in public we forget & call each other cou-cou & boy, do we get some looks! i know, why can’t we just say, hon or sweetie? it would be weird if we did…it seems perfectly natural for us to use that unusual pet name. ah, to each his own, right? at least it’s not, “yo bit@#” or “dumba$@”!!!

9. whenever i get together with my sisters, we immediately get into “sisterspeak” mode…drives our male family members crazy. my sisters & i tend to sound uncannily alike & we have so many code names, it’s not even funny. my one bil is like, can you repeat that, but in english? we can’t help it though, you know what i mean?

well, those are my 9 weird things about me (i’m sure i have more, but i can’t think of them at the moment, hahaha!)…now it’s your turn & considered yourself tagged (only if you want to)…i’m gonna leave it up to you. come on, everyone’s got a little somethin-somethin- weird about them. group sharing>>>it’s a good thing.


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