melba’s Q & A

today must be tag day bec. this is the second one i’m doing. this time, it’s from my dear blog sista, melba… & it has to do with creative blogging. it was through her blog that i was inspired to become a “creative blogger”…

Do you participate in Creative Challenges? yes
Why? it gets me off my duff & go create something unique…it gives me yet another reason to make something from my own two hands & to actually use all this art supply stuff that i have amassed over the years, lol!
Why not? sometimes i might not have the time or energy to participate in the challenges every week…
What do you like about Creative Challenges? the themes or topics give me a parameter to focus on…
What are some of your Favorite Creative Challenge sites? art making ones tend to appeal to me, though i have always wanted to participate in the writing sites, like poetry thursday & sunday’s scribblings….maybe one of these days i will delurk, lol. the ones that i seem to churn out pieces for are: mixed media memoirs, artwords, self-portrait challenge, inspire me thursday, studio friday & wednesday stamper.
What are some of your favorite and least favorite attributes of Creative Challenges sites? (for example…I like that Illustration Friday emails me every Friday their new topic. I don’t like when I can’t relate to a topic) ..i like how all these sites push the envelope for me as a creative person…i sometimes put undue pressure on myself to hurry up & think of something to contribute…i don’t like to be rushed. & sometimes, i need more than a few days to come up with something.
What other Creative Challenges would you participate in? there are so many out there! but i would like to someday try my hand with poetry thursday, sunday’s scribblings & illio friday…
What is your favorite piece you have created for a challenge? it’s kinda hard for me to pinpoint just one piece as i am biased & like all that i’ve submitted. i guess, if i had to choose, i will pick the one i did for inspire me thursday a few months ago, a piece for the “child’s play” challenge, which did not take very long to whip up. but i am also liking the one i recently did for mixed media memoirs, “love is…”…a lot of thought went into that one & i’m pleased with the turnout.
Anything else?i am grateful to all the wonderful creative challenges out there>>>it really has opened me up & pushed me in ways that i thought not possible. i advocate strongly the need & necessity for creative self-expression. it is truly a comfort to me to know that there are so many amazing & talented like-minded souls out there. it does give one such HOPE. & i feel blessed to have come into contact with so many dear kindred spirits (& you know who you are!).

if you’d like to answer this creative blogging tag, by all means do so. just let me know if you’ve posted your responses on your blog & i will come & read all about it. bella sunday!


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  1. Thanks for answering my creative challenge questions.
    I hope you are having a Bella saturday too my dear!


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