love is…

is this week’s topic for mixed media memoirs. it’s making reference to the 4th chakra, balanced heart, in the book {true balance} that i’m collectively reading with melba, when i first learned about the mmm topic, i thought, love is…bliss. but after thinking on that, i remembered that pat benatar song, love is…a battlefield. the concept of love has many meanings as well as ups & downs, hasn’t it? i actually looked it up online here & then came up with my mmm: love is…an affair of the heart. i thought it would be a more appropriate piece for my thoughts on balanced heart, the 4th chakra. i’ve used the traditional chinese character for love in this collage as it consists of a heart (middle) inside of accept, feel & perceive.

for the past couple of weeks, i have been ruminating on what i’ve read re: the 4th chakra in true balance. so far, i have been happily following along this book… until i got to this 4th chapter. the book up until this point has been enlightening, but now i have mixed feelings with this chapter. here dr. choquette defined a balanced heart as being open (so far, i agree) and an imbalanced heart as being closed (no problem, i agree with this too).

she goes on to say that a balanced heart holds no judgement and is all-inclusive accepting, even to those with a closed heart. & that those closed- hearted folks are actually loving people on the inside who have put up a major shield around themselves (“protective heart”) because they have suffered some wrong/ill & thus, distance themselves from others (i.e., they are “emotionally unavailable”). i don’t know whether i am interpreting this correctly or not, but all i know is that i am not buying that.

i consider myself to be a loving & lovable person. i wish no harm to anyone (human or not). i strive to treat people with respect, honesty & decency. i am civil & cordial to the best of my ability… but this WORLD is full of PSYCHOS and not too mention, HATERS. psychos & haters are toxic, are they not? news flash, there are inherently EVIL people out there in this planet we live on…that’s reality. i’m sorry, but i don’t make it a practice to embrace toxity, in any forms that it may take! i’m finding it hard to believe that in order to have a balanced heart i must open up my heart to someone who is self-absorbed, insensitive, condescending, narsicssitic, sick, crazy, depraved>>>what this psychologist (dr. albert j. bernstein) termed: emotional vampires.

{warning, warning will robinson! toxic people on the loose>>> they may be hazardous to your health!}

sure, i will buy that we were all created in the image of almighty God. but then there is free will …. sooner or later, people inevitably choose to be either a lover or a hater. i suppose, dr. choquette would argue that i’m being closed hearted because i prefer to be selective to whom i open my heart. whatever…it’s called, self-preservation folks, to limit and/or eliminate all that is toxic (humans included) to your health & well-being. if i didn’t do that, i would not be the well-adjusted person that i believe i am today. & for the record, i AM a LOVER. Posted by Picasa


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  1. I have some notes and thoights on chapter 4 that I haven’t compiled into a post yet. But I agree with you. I thought I was going to be the only one! There are haters and EVIL people out there who I DON”T want in my life. I can still have love for all God’s creatures and love their Goddliness, but I don’t have to love their behavior and I can choose to not have those people in my life in ANY way!

    Way to go mary Ann. Loving these piece of ART!

  2. totally have to agree with melba and you!!! i haven’t read the book or know what the chapter is all about but from the sounds of it, i too, believe that there are good and evil people, animals, things etc. and we don’t have to accept their way of life or how they behave. i could love someone for who they are but i don’t have to like or accept what they have done. i may be forgiving but i will not forget (take for example the amish who have such an incredible heart to forgive the man that killed all those precious girls a few weeks ago…will they forget? who knows…is this something i can do? i’m not sure…i don’t know…all i know is that i don’t know if i could ever forget) closed heart, open heart…whatever the case may be, all i know is that i do have a heart and love all that is good and because God gave us free will, i choose only good in my heart…good post, great art, and meaningful words to think and live by…xoxo looney

  3. Lovely piece Mar! I too am a lover! Love thine own enemy(hmmm did I spell that correctly) anywho! Maybe all them haters just need to see someone show them the good in life! Some are quite.. how shall I say ‘hardheaded’..I have opened my heart to all walks of life…I try to do my part in showing them that life can be good..most are set in their ways and you can’t change their ways or views..that is totally up to them..I feel if we shut the door on the haters that we aren’t doing our part of loving one another. I don’t hate no one..but I don’t necessarily have to like what they do or say..But there are those that I am leary of…the EVIL ones…think of it this way…the way they grew up and their surroundings..mental issues..poor parenting…as when they were children they learn from their elders who in fact were not the correct influences for them..EVIL feeds off of EVIL…Learned no means am I trying to argue the point…just my views! I am just saying everyone that walks into our lives has something to teach us..whether it is good or bad…its what we learn from it. Wish I would of read this book! 😉
    Great post! Hugs! 😀

  4. you know, nancy…you’ve got some great views! thanks for sharing great perspectives and reminding us that all those we meet do have an impact on us-whether good or bad. it’s up to us to bring it/them into our hearts… thanks so much nancy!!! xoxo looney

  5. I saw this beautiful piece you did on MMM and came over to see your site. It is lovely. As for the haters….to me it’s their problem they can spew negative energy around but if you keep an open heart you’ll recognize them for what they are and quietly send them positive vibes and love…obviously they have problems.Yes…best to avoid them if possible!

  6. hi all! thanks for your wonderful & wise words!

    yes, i see all of your points of view…

    my thing is is that i will continue to be the loving, caring person that i am to anyone who i may come in contact with…but i will not invite TROUBLE when i see/feel/detect/identify it! too often in my own personal experience, i have gotten sucked into other people’s {negative} drama at my expense & it’s neither pleasant nor healthy! i agree that i will recognize closed hearted folks & as gemma so simply put it, quietly send them postive vibes. etc…but for my sanity & health, it’s best for me to limit my daily dosages of these type of folks!

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