friday’s finds

hi all. i’ve been trying for the past couple of hours to post my finds for this week’s friday’s finds…what gives picasa/blogger?! so annoying when blogger is not cooperating!!!! anyway, here are my finds (i feel like i’ve typed this commentary a million times already, but i will, with fingers crossed, hope that this makes it this time!)>>> i’ve got christmas on the brain & i was delighted to find these lovely vintage-inspired holiday papers from sticker planet. just in time for my holiday paper crafting! i just got these unmounted stamps from stamp diva…aren’t they fun? can’t wait to try these out for all sorts of paper lovelies…
& i found these nifty idea books (i know, not more of that! but i can’t resist the bargain prices & who knows, they might end up in wysiwyg wednesday, hehehe) from the clearance bins of hobby lobby, a national chain craft store.

what about you? don’t be shy, i’d like to see/read all about your cool finds for this week. do so by either dropping me a comment with your link or you can go to flickr. have a great friday & weekend y’all! oh yes, don’t forget to set your clocks back tomorrow night…it’s that time of year folks :)! Posted by Picasa

2 Responses

  1. Yummmm yummm! Great finds! And you discovered a whole new planet hehe Sticker Planet! woohoo! FF erm hmmm didnt find diddly squat! Havent been out of the house! ugh! Hub has to work again this weekend! 😦 *sigh* Maybe it’s a good thing I might break the bank LOL Hmm but theres always shopping online 😀 Muahhhahahahaha *evil laugh* Hugs!

  2. wowwwwwwwwww! so much great stuff…love, love those vintage holiday papers! must go to sticker planet…and there i’m off…xoxo looney

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