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before i head into la-la land…whew! what a day i had at the school. got so spoiled waking up after the sun’s been up awhile…have to get used to waking up before the crack of dawn in the pitch blackness>>>yuck-o! anyhoo, i get to the school, a brand new school at that, & people were happy to see me come through the door…i really wasn’t expecting to do much therapy time today seeing as i’ve never laid eyes on my students & haven’t really gotten the chance to read their IEPs (that’s schoolspeak for individual education plans)…i was more like, um, let me get oriented to the building first people before you start throwing me to the wolves, i mean, chitlins!

no, it wasn’t that bad…let’s just say, the principal & autism teachers were so happy to see me. now the kiddoes on the otherhand (8 students, all boys grades 3 &4), some of them really did not want to have anything to do with me. i really did not take offense as i expected that (these boys are all students in the autism program)…it’s my 1st day there & it takes time to establish rapport & all that…i couldn’t believe, though, that some of the teachers just wanted me to jump right in with formal therapy>>>uh, wrong-o! not with these bunch, okay?! got to have the lay of land, so to speak, get myself organized & familiar with the joint first please. important stuff like the ladies’ room & such, lol! i guess they are a little bit excited to have a speech therapist for these students again. all in all, i think things will be fine {that typed with fingers crossed}…

okay, okay, i have one more other thing before i sign off for the night>>>i just got through reading the 4th chapter of true balance…it’s on the 4th chakra, the heart. & since it’s way past my bed-time & it’s a school nite, i won’t write up just yet my thoughts about this chapter…all i will say is that i am not agreeing with the author on some of what she says regarding how to approach someone with a “closed” heart…it was kinda an uncomfortable chapter to read…more about that tomorrow… Posted by Picasa


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  1. Hugs darlin! It will take a bit of time as therapist and students need to get used to each other! It will all be fine and I know you will do a great job with the kids!

  2. hey mary ann, those chitlings are lucky to have you around! 🙂 take it easy, sweetheart. Saw your comment on Nancy’s blog & hope that hubby soon feels much better.
    sending peaceful healing thoughts your way…

    much love,
    Q xXx

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