fall atcs

done for this local swap i’m in…i’ve made a couple of extras & thinking about putting them in my etsy shop. can one sell atcs i wonder? i know they are usually for trading, but i think i’ve seen people sell atcs in their online shops…hmmm….i’ve got an extra one from the goody 2 shoes atc too…wonder how much to sell ’em for? hmmmm….oh well, we’ll see…i’ve gotta hit the hay now ‘cuz early to rise tomorrow…off to school to work with the kiddoes there…wish me luck!
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4 Responses

  1. These are gorgeous atcs, mary ann, and of course they will sell! There are a lot of people who collect atcs (originals more so than prints), on ebay & etsy, so don’t think twice!

    Good Luck! 😀

  2. The ATC’s are wicked! You don’t need luck, you’ll do fine today, but good luck anyway!

  3. totally agree with suzie q and rhonda!!! i’ve been telling you to put those adorable atcs in your shoppe from day 1…people (like me, of course) will buy, buy, buy things that are made with love and are just sooooo beautiful!!!

    good luck on your first day with the kiddies-they’re gonna fall right in love with you, they always do! xoxo looney

  4. Hello again sweetie! I got my order from you! Thank you! It was worth every penny! 😀 Thanks for the little extras! Fun stuff! Took me a bit to get all the tape off LOL Hubby asked if he could help I said noooooo Im having fun here let me be LOL Thanks again! Much love and hugs!

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