to my dear blog sistas & pals…

hi dear friends! just wanted to tell you all (& you know who you are) that while i may not be visiting your blogs as regularly as i have had in the past, please know that you are all in my thoughts & prayers…not a day, no minute, goes by without me thinking about all you wonderful gals i’ve met via the blogosphere>>>wondering how you each are, how your day is going, how life is treating you, how your family is, etc. just the other day, i received a lovely postcard from dear blog sista judy, who’s been away visiting her son & dil in australia…she is such a sweetheart to think of me!

lately, particularly since i have made the leap from employee to self-employed, i’ve become more busy than ever & truth be told, i’m doing what i can to keep up with myself, lol! i’ve so many WIPs that it’s not even funny (my sis looney knows what i am talking about!! she’s seen the state of my studio>>>audrey, you were so right on about not being able to keep the studio “slob-free”!)…i realize that the long hours, many projects & blood, sweat & tears (well, i’ve not gotten to the “tears” part as of yet) are part & parcel to being one’s own boss…i’m not complaining or anything…i just wanted to explain my absence from visiting my blog sistas & pals…i’ve been consumed lately with sorting out the business aspects of my private speech therapy practice as well as delving into all sorts of arty-craftsy projects (i.e., trying to stock my etsy shop, complete swaps i’m in on & offline, put together a series of artwork to present to local library for art display)…in addition, i’ve been contracted to work a couple a days a week at a school district & i start that position on wednesday…

so you see my dear sistas & friends, i’m not purposely ignoring you & heavens no, i have not forgotten you…i’ve just got lots of pots boiling (& double boiling as well, lol!)… so please bear with me as i get myself into a more efficient routine (i type that with fingers crossed!). i have been reading the book, true balance, with another dear blog sista melba, & at the moment, i am juggling (more like struggling to balance) all my business, family, personal & social commitments & obligations…trying very hard to carry on & make it all work… i know that in the end, it will all work out…i have every faith that it all will {wink & smile}. in the midst of the chaos known as my life, wasn’t i just pleased to bits to receive some lovely surprises in the mail today? my long-time friend angie wangie sent me a cookie book, kitty stickers & cute halloween card & michel (who btw needs to have a BLOG! you need to delurk my dear, lol!!!) sent me a cool handmade halloween card & boo banner>>>how wicked cool ladies!!!! you st. louie girls rock! thank you for your extreme thoughtfulness>>>i love everything!& after the postal run i did this morning (& boy did i mail a BUNCH of stuff today>>>my vintage xmas swap package, wysiwyg wed freebies & nancy‘s purchase from my etsy shop>>>thank you so much nance!!!), i rewarded myself by getting the latest cloth, paper & scissors>>>the little purses are just too cute>>>these are right up my alley & i so need to make these things! {sigh} yet another project to add to my never-ending to-do list…

anyhoo, this is how my life is at the moment…& please know that you all are close to my heart. i will be visiting real soon. in the meantime, i am sending you all much love & positive karma your way. take care mes bonne amis! la-la (aka love), mary ann xo Posted by Picasa


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  1. The good thing about having true friends is that stick by ya no matter what! I wish you the best on your new journey! May it bring you much joy and rewards of the heart! We will all still be here waiting for you! Glad you treated yourself to something special..cant wait to get that something special I purchased from you! So we are both in a happy place! 😀 Hugs Much Love!

  2. Hi again, it’s me. LOL I have a scrapbooking question for you. I just got myself a sidekick and was wondering where I can get thin cut or wafer thin cut dies? I’m sooooo happy I got my die cutting machine, now I need dies!!! I’ve found some, but I do not have the budget to pay an arm and a leg for one die. I figured since you are the crafting queen, I would ask you. Any ideas?

  3. what a nice commentary, reya! i agree with nancy b. true friends stick like superglue…and we totally understand how busy life can be! so proud of all your accomplishments and future endeavors! try to enjoy the ride on all of your new and upcoming adventures…and yup, it’s ok to take a break and breathe!!!

    ps-love the cute goodies you received from angie wangie (that cookie book looks so yummy and the stickers and cards are so neat) and michel…those cards and esp. the boo banner are too adorable!!! enjoy the beauty of autumn…xoxo looney

  4. Hi, lurker here. Thanks for posting the stuff from Angie and me. Enjoy. I hope things calm down a bit for you. I need to remember to think of you and Angie when other people wear me down in this life. Thanks and I’ll work on the blog!

  5. thanks nancy, looney & michel! i really appreciate your kind comments & understanding!!!! you are such amazing friends!

    & lisa my dear, yay for you on getting your sidekick (don’t you love it? i love mine 🙂 ) anyhoo, most scrapbooking places sell quickutz dies…those are affordable (6.99 for one die or 12.99 for 2 dies) or if you go to & register as a member (it’s free) they have lots and lots of SALES on their various dies!!!! (um, speaking from experience, hee hee)…i think tuesdays are called “super tuesdays” & they post their specials…check it out>>>i told a pal of mine & she has become ADDICTED to that site! is another scrapbooking site that sells sizzix items at discount…that’s another good resource (um, yeh, i would know this one too, hee hee!)…have fun lisa>>>but i didn’t twist your arm, ok (hehehe)…

    happy tuesday all!

    xoxo mary ann

  6. p.s. lisa, you can also go on ebay>>>there’s tons of sizzix & quickutz dies…hope this all helps you {smile}

  7. Thanks firstborn, I’m off to explore those sites!!!! I can’t wait to see what they have. Thanks again

  8. hi mary ann, what a wonderful post! You deserve as many treats & surprises as you can get, and I hope they continue to bring you joy, as you do to so many others.
    You have the busiest life, I really don’t know how you keep up with yourself! Don’t forget to give yourself a break every once in a while!

    Love ‘n’ Hugs,
    Q xXx

  9. Love this post. I completely understand. Sometimes life is just BUSY!!! Kepp taking care of you! That is the most important thing. Life goes on in cycles.

    Love al that you are sharing here and sending you LOTS of Love and Hugs and Postive energy your WAY!


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